'Big Brother 13': The Final Three Is Set

Another houseguest leaves the house and the last Head of Household competition begins as Wednesday's season finale closes in.
"Big Brother"

It's a quick HOH reign for Adam, who finally comes out on top after weeks of staying in the Big Brother house. Who will he nominate for eviction?

The pickings are slim (after all, there are only three possibilities). Now that he is the most powerful player in the game, he's got to make the decisions -- not follow where the power is for the week. Porsche makes her case for keeping her safe and brings up Jordan winning the grand prize two years ago; Adam seems to be with Porsche. But who knows. Rachel pleads her case and Jordan does as well. Remember, there is a deal with Rachel, Jordan and Adam for final three. Adam seems be siding on Porsche's side when Jordan asks him point-black if he nominates Rachel and Jordan and he wins the veto, if he would keep the nominations the same. His hesitancy speaks volumes and Jordan knows her safety is nonexistent.

Wild card Adam nominates Porsche and Jordan up for eviction. His speech makes some sense, telling the two women to step up and take themselves off the block by winning veto because they haven't done so yet. Rachel, on the other hand, has. Porsche wins the pivotal veto, meaning Adam is forced to put up Rachel in her place. Porsche has all the voting power. Jordan's already helping boost Rachel's morale, telling her that she needs to get to the final three because she'll already have Jeff, Brendon and Jordan's votes.

Porsche ends up evicting "America's sweetheart" Jordan, but she was expecting it. "You still can't trust a mom," Jordan admits to Julie Chen outside on the couch when asked about what Shelly's betrayal taught her. A few minutes later, the first of three competitions to crown the next HOH takes place.

Who will come out on top?

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