'Big Brother 13': Another Houseguest Leaves for the Jury as Finale Nears

Who is left on the outside looking in: Shelly or Adam?

It's another day in the Big Brother house and another houseguest is headed to the jury.

With Shelly and Adam now on the block for eviction, it's up to the pair to make sure it's the other person sitting outside with Julie Chen. Even before she's nominated as a replacement nominee, Shelly starts to work her magic on Jordan and Rachel -- who now control the votes for who stays and who goes. Funny how things work out. Instead, Shelly spends three hours in the Purple Room staring a the fortune teller, thinking it may release a secret power or reveal something to her. Not so. Shelly thinks she can work her way through to the final three.

Meanwhile in the jury house, Brendon's reaction to seeing his new roommates Jeff and Daniele is entertaining. What has Brendon been doing for a week? Exercising, playing ping pong by himself and studying. Before Jeff walks through the door, Brendon and Daniele relive her demise and after seeing herself get backdoored, Daniele admits she wants to see Jeff walk through the door -- to satisfy her bitter side.

And voila, Jeff appears before their eyes while they're making orange juice. (Daniele does say later on that she wishes Adam would walk through that door.) "I'm so excited right now," says a beaming Daniele to Jeff. The tension is thick in the room when the trio (aka former alliance members from the first week) watch Jeff throw out one of his coveted clown shoes during the Power of Veto competition. It's obvious Jeff isn't too happy about the way he went out. "I'm pissed that clown shoe decided my fate for half a million dollars. A clown shoe," Jeff says after the tape plays.

After a vote of 2-1, Shelly is evicted from the Big Brother house. During her chat with Julie, Shelly admits that her big move to turn on Jeff was "dumb."

The next Head of Household competition takes place and it's slimey one. The winner will be revealed on Sunday's episode. Who do you think needs to win the HOH? Pandora's Box is back on Sunday (with a celebrity twist) and Wednesday marks a special eviction episode.

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