'Big Brother 13': Another Houseguest Leaves the House in Special Eviction Episode

The fifth member of the jury is revealed and a new Head of Household is crowned.
"Big Brother"

It's about that time again. It's a special eviction episode of Big Brother as the finale gets closer. With Rachel as the new Head of Household, who will be leaving for the jury house: Kalia or Porsche?

The veto competition is a key one because if Adam wins the veto and takes down either Kalia or Porsche down, then Jordan would have to go up on the block. But Kalia and Porsche believes that the best case scenario is Adam winning so that he can take one of them down to put up Jordan. That's assuming he's still on their side. In any case, Adam wins the key veto -- and when the ceremony takes place, he ultimately decides to stick with the veterans, not using the veto.

Meanwhile, recently evicted houseguest, Shelly, faces her former ally Jeff in the jury house -- and the meeting is a tense one. Jeff has some choice words for the former competitor and when Shelly explains that she wanted to switch to Rachel and Jordan's side after Rachel won the veto (during the duo's twist week), Jeff doesn't buy into her spin.

By a vote of 2-1 (with Rachel breaking the tie), Kalia is evicted. But it's not fun and games. The houseguests are treated to several predictions by the resident fortune teller, which plays a role in the HOH competition -- waking up the houseguests throughout the night. The HOH competition is a "true of false" ordeal and after "coasting" through the season, Adam wins a spot in the final three as the week's new HOH.

Who will Adam nominate for eviction?

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