'Big Brother 13': Jeff Goes Through With His Plan to Backdoor

With Porsche and Kalia on the block this week, will either of them with the veto and take themselves off?
"Big Brother"

As Big Brother heads toward its season finale, the houseguests start to look ahead.

With Jeff as acting Head of Household for the week, a plan to backdoor houseguest Daniele has already been entertained. Whether or not things work in Jeff's favor at this week's key veto competition, in which several houseguests feel pressure to win, her fate lies in the competition. Prior to the veto being played, things are lining up perfectly, with Adam telling Jeff that should he win the veto, that he'll do what Jeff tells him to do. But Kalia and Daniele both are up against the wall, with Daniele feeling uneasy about her "deal" with Jeff and Jordan.

The Zingbot 3000 enters the house, throwing insults at each of the houseguests:

Jeff: "Hey Jeff, 1995 called, they want their soul patch back."
Porsche: "Shouldn't you be named after a car with a roomier trunk?"
Rachel: "Every other word out of your mouth is the F-word. Fiance."
Daniele: "Do you own a car or do you just prefer to ride your dad's coattails?"
Adam: "Good call shaving off your beard. Did your girlfriend know she was dating Uncle Fester."
Shelly: "What do you call someone that smokes, hunts, and fishes? A dude."
Kalia: "You write a sex blog, but you seem to be an expert on the thing done after sex, like sleeping."
Jordan: "The only reason Jeff hasn't proposed yet is he knows you're terrible at answering questions."

The veto competition has to do with the Zingbot. They're tasked to find a bride for the bot via a puzzle. The person who can make a bride robot in the fastest time, wins. Jeff builds the robot in the fastest time and he wins the veto. First on Kalia and Porsche's lists: Talk to Jeff and try and strike a deal.

Jeff's victory puts Daniele, Kalia and Porsche in jeopardy. While Porsche is heating up her neck roll, she talks game for (presumably) the second time with Jeff, trying to cop a deal for her to be taken off/be safe. Later, Kalia does a similar thing, hashing everything out with Jeff -- who smartly doesn't reveal too much of what he's thinking about doing. Daniele and Jeff have a chat as well, with Daniele promising that everything that had been done the past few weeks, she kept to her word.

But ultimately, Daniele's chat doesn't matter. Jeff decides to take Porsche off and surprise, puts Daniele up as a replacement nominee. ("Let the good times roll," she says.) If Daniele is out of the house on Thursday, Jeff is target No. 1 for Kalia and Porsche. Who will be evicted this week: Kalia or Daniele? (But remember, it's also double eviction this week.)

Quote of the Night

  • "I do not think Jeff feels any pressure to get married ... from building a Zingbot." -- Jordan

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