'Big Brother 13': Kalia Picks a Side, Makes an Enemy Out of the Veterans

 With the new twist put into effect this Thursday, the houseguests are on edge.
"Big Brother"

For the first time this season, a newbie has control of the Big Brother house. Who will Daniele's partner in crime Kalia, the new Head of Household, nominate for eviction? And will the new twist

Watch Out for the Newbies

Now that Brendon's out of the house and Kalia has won HOH for the week, Jeff is worried that he'll be nominated alongside Rachel, who is 100 percent sure she'll be up on the block. Their worst fears are coming true as they both say that the worst person who could have won HOH, did. Meanwhile, Kalia celebrates in the storage room by herself and amps herself up. Rachel, on the other hand, is grieving for the loss of her Big Brother partner Brendon, crying in her bed. Porsche and Jordan try to console Rachel, who's clearly upset. Jordan makes a good point in saying to Rachel that she couldn't even get her real target out because whoever is eliminated has a shot at coming back in.

During the HOH game, Porsche put up Jeff against Shelly, knocking Jeff out of the game. Jeff believes that decision was not a coincidence and that Porsche did it on purpose, however she stresses that it was not intentional. In any case, the remaining veterans (minus Daniele) are livid.

A Slice of Humble Pie

Rachel goes up to the HOH room (with Daniele still there), telling Kalia everything that she wants to hear, but not after Daniele gives Kalia a quick rundown of what to do when people in the house start coming up and talking to her. Rachel tries to make a deal with Kalia that if she isn't put up on the block, Kalia will be safe the following week should she win HOH.

Daniele and Kalia confer up in the HOH room and it's the first sign of what Kalia may end up doing by episode's end. She's leaning toward putting up Rachel and Jeff, with Rachel as the target. But Daniele brings up the twist before suggesting to Kalia that they play this week as if it was a regular eviction -- and worry about the twist later.

Mysterious Concoctions

For the Have/Have Not competition, each team will send one competitor to the mixing bar where they will choose three ingredients to mix with milk, which will be served to the opponent. The houseguests will then face off and try to name as many ingredients that are in the drink and after three guesses, whoever has the most ingredients gets a point for their team. If they are tied, the two will have to drink a glass of the concoction, and whoever can drink the fastest will earn the point for their team.

The red team, consisting of Daniele, Lawon, Porsche and Adam, beats the blue team, which includes Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Rachel. (Have Nots for the week have to eat coconut and catfish.) During the competition, Jeff helps out Shelly, giving her the correct ingredient for the drink that would've had them be Haves for the week, but she opts to pick another ingredient. Intentional? Jordan feels guilty for not being able to drink her glass the fastest and breaks down after the competition, going off on Porsche and Lawon for being the ultimate floaters.

Is Jeff in Danger?

Jeff and Jordan have a heated discussion with Kalia in the HOH room later and she breaks the news that she's going to have to put Rachel and Jeff up because she needs someone who can win the veto (namely Jeff) to be guarateed to compete. But Jordan isn't buying her whole story, warning her that someone is going to be coming back into the house and by putting both Rachel and Jeff up, she'll have two more targets on her back instead of someone Jordan considers "dead weight." When Jeff asks Kalia to just say that if Rachel wins veto, he'll be the one headed home, Kalia isn't budging.

Jeff tells her she's her own person and that she should start thinking about her own game, not Daniele's. Jeff's angry message shakes Kalia to her core. Is she second-guessing her (and Daniele's plan) to put up Rachel and Jeff not that she's his No. 1 target?

In the end it doesn't matter. Kalia nominates Jeff and Rachel for eviction. "That's for everyone in the house who thinks I'm making someone else's decisions, I'm making my own," Kalia says during her speech. Jeff and Rachel chuckle in response. And Jordan is certain either Jeff or Rachel will win the veto and take themselves on the block, meaning she'll be the replacement nominee.

Quote of the Night

  • "I should have known: sauerkraut." -- Jordan to Jeff

'Big Brother 13': Brendon Fools Daniele, Forces Her to Put Up Replacement Nominee

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