'Big Brother 13': Latest Evicted Houseguest Revealed, Plus a New Twist

Will it be Jordan or Brendon leaving the "Big Brother" house on Thursday?

When Brendon promised his fiance Rachel in Wednesday's episode of Big Brother that he would use the veto to save her, he kept to his word. But did that act of chivalry seal his fate?

In a word, yes. But here's what happened leading up to the latest eviction:

Pity Party for Two

Rachel has a breakdown after Brendon takes her off the block. "Who am I going to jump on when I win HOH?," Rachel asks in the Diary Room. Shelly asks Jeff and Jordan if Brendon sacrificing his safety and taking his fiancee off the block was the plan all along, Jeff and Jordan believe Rachel was genuinely surprised by the turn of events. But Jeff worries about Rachel staying in the house. Brendon and Rachel know they need to get the newbies on their side and already Porsche has committed to keep Brendon (if only to stay on Rachel's good side).

When Porsche tries to warn Rachel about her mopey attitude, Rachel breaks down again -- this time targeting Porsche in the process. Rachel continues to whine, while Brendon tries to cool her down. She brings in their personal relationship to the conversation, telling Brendon he shouldn't marry her.

Evel Dick Has His Say

As promised, Evel Dick -- who abruptly left the show after just days in the house -- had his say about daughter Daniele's "horrible" game play. Saying that she is so desperate to come out of his shadow in Season 8, when he won the grand prize, Evel Dick makes the observation that Daniele is playing too hard too soon. Evel Dick makes the connection between Daniele and Nick in Season 8 and Daniele and Dominic this year and clearly disagreed with her insistence to backdoor Jeff, which led to her demise. She could have waited to start breaking up the couples, he says.

First Veteran Gets Evicted, But Will He Be Back?

When the votes were revealed on Thursday's live eviction episode, Brendon was the latest houseguest to leave the Big Brother house by a vote of 5-2. Daniele's ultimate plan to get Brendon (and to a lesser extent, Jeff) out proved successful, even though there was the threat of Brendon pulling himself off the block. Brendon's exit meant the two Power Couples (Jeff and Jordan, Rachel and Brendon), who up until this point had control of the house and came up with the brilliant plan to take out one newbie each week, had its power severely weakened.

But in the world of Big Brother, nothing ever stays status quo. Host Julie Chen introduced a new twist (or rather, a kink in the houseguest's plans) that would make next week something to remember: The eliminated houseguests will be competing next week with the latest evicted housemate for a chance to return to the house.

With Keith, Brendon, Cassi and Dominic so far eliminated from the game, whose return would shake up the Big Brother game the most?

The new HOH was also crowned: Kalia.

Quote of the Night

  • "Our babies will always see our love story on DVD." -- Rachel to Brendon in her goodbye message

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