'Big Brother 13': Lawon Puts Himself in Danger

Did Rachel or Jeff win the veto to take themselves off the block?
"Big Brother"

When Kalia nominated Rachel and Jeff for eviction on Big Brother, she made enemies out of them both. Will one of them win the veto and take themselves off?

Rachel Has a Major Breakdown (and Kalia Too)

After the eviction ceremony, Rachel is ready to pounce on her rival Daniele, but Shelly pulls her into a room to talk her down the ledge. Later, Rachel comes into the Have Not room, where Jordan is tasked to be "Brendon" (aka console her). Without Brendon in the house, it's clear Jordan is the unofficial substitute; she even says in the Diary Room how tough of a job talking Rachel down can be.

While the rest of the houseguests have an impromptu meeting in the kitchen, Kalia breaks down after she eavesdrops on the conversation. Jeff, Jordan and company believe Kalia is doing Daniele's dirty work. (Even Daniele says so!) But Kalia thinks it's a bunch of hogwash and way of dealing? Crying.

Emotional Overload

Jeff interrogates Shelly about whether their pact is good, causing Shelly to question whether Jeff and Jordan's plans had changed. She storms out of the Have Not room and Jeff realizes soon after that he might have put a chink in their armor. After he smooths things over with an emotional Shelly, things go back to normal.

The next morning, the veto competition takes place. The players are Jordan, Jeff, Kalia, Shelly, Adam and Rachel. The competition is an atheletic one, where the contestants have to roll a ball up a ramp and whenever it crosses the midway point, a point is added. Whoever is the first to reach 300, wins the veto. After Kalia drops the ball a few things, putting her score down to 0, she starts to cheer for Jeff -- who is going head to head with Adam -- to win the veto, which is a red flag for Daniele. Jeff wins the veto.

What Is Lawon Thinking?

Jeff and Jordan have a chat with Kalia, who tries to tell them that the plan all along was to have Jeff win the veto so he could take himself off because her real target this week has been Rachel. Rachel comes up to the HOH room to talk and tries to make a deal with Kalia, promising her that she'll be safe for a week should she not be evicted this week and win the next HOH.

When Kalia tells Daniele the plan, Daniele isn't 100 percent into it, but later on with Lawon and Porsche in the mix, Lawon throws out that he'd be up for getting evicted this week so that he could come back in. What? When Kalia and Daniele realize that this might be the answer to their prayers, things might work out.

In the end, Kalia takes Lawon's (dumb) offer and replaces him in Jeff's spot. Is Rachel really safe from eviction? Which of the four previous houseguests will battle with this week's evictee for the right to return to the house?

Quote of the Night

  • "I can't take any more women crying. What is wrong you guys? You just have your periods, you guys cry all the time?" -- Jeff to Jordan
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