'Big Brother 13': New HOH Is Crowned and a Plan to Backdoor One Houseguest Surfaces

Will Adam or Jeff be named the new Head of Household and take the power away from the girls?

Daniele's second chance at taking Brendon out of the Big Brother competition worked, but with a grueling Head of House competition under way, will she be in danger of being put on the block?

It's bubbles, bubbles, bubbles for the HOH and with Brendon gone, it's a must-win situation for several houseguests -- including Porsche, Kalia, Rachel and Jeff. After going with the rest of the house in voting to evict Brendon instead of sticking with their alliance with Rachel, the targets on Jeff and Jordan's backs get bigger. At the soapy HOH competition -- and after 90 minutes of running on a faux "slip 'n slide" -- Jeff is named the new HOH. As expected, Kalia, Daniele and Porsche (who placed second) are clearly disgruntled.

After the competition, Daniele and Jeff "celebrate" in one of the bedrooms but Jeff says that Daniele may think she's safe through their impromptu deal, but when it all comes down to it, he may have to put her up to further himself in the game. At one point, Jeff reassures Daniele that their deal is still good, but Daniele isn't stupid. She knows he'll most likely be putting up the rest of her alliance members: Kalia, after she put Jeff up two weeks ago, and Porsche. To add insult to injury, Jeff is tasked to name three Have Nots for the week (who must eat Big Brother slop, jalapenos and tk) and names Porsche, Daniele and Kalia. Figures.

Cracks are beginning to form with Jeff's alliance when Shelly calls out Rachel in front of Jeff and Jordan, but like a good houseguest, Rachel doesn't say a word. Is the target on Shelly's back getting bigger and bigger by the day? Everyone is trying to be good with Jeff, but the most amusing conversation belongs to Porsche, who after 49 days in the house, finally talks game with the new HOH. "I don't know what else to say," Porsche says as their talk winds down. But Jeff's got bigger fish to fry: potentially angering Daniele by going back on their "deal."

Jeff does the expected thing and nominates Kalia and Porsche, but he's got his eye on backdooring Daniele should the opportunity arise. So Wednesday is turning out to be another big day in the Big Brother house. Who will win the power of veto and will Daniele be put up as a replacement nominee?

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