'Big Brother 13': Another Newbie Leaves, Dominic Calls Houseguests 'Spineless Jellyfish'

"If I had a player or someone that had a spine to play with me ... there would be a game being played and not what it is right now," he said.

In tonight's latest eviction episode of Big Brother, another newbie left the house -- and things got heated.

Daniele's Plan Backfires

Last we left the crew, Daniele was pushing hard for Rachel, the current Head of Household, to backdoor Jeff and Jordan, which caused the two power couples (Jeff and Jordan, Rachel and Brendon) to become overly suspicious. Daniele has a deal with Dominic -- up on the chopping block with fellow partner Adam -- and was trying to solidify her place in the house. But that all came crashing down when Brendon, who won the Power of Veto, decided not to use it to save Dominic, who believed he was being used as a pawn.

Daniele spelled everything out post-veto ceremony, telling Rachel and Rachel, "I'll be furious" if Dominic is evicted. When Jordan approaches Kalia, seeing if she knew anything about the secret plan to backdoor her and Jeff. (Kalia had knowledge, but she plays it off like she didn't.) Later, Jeff and Dominic have a heated discussion about where the idea came from. Dominic's standing his ground but Jeff isn't buying it. Up in the HOH room, Jeff puts the nail in the coffin for Dominic (sort of).

House Meeting Goes Sour

Everyone in the house meets to hash everything out. Kalia has a breakdown and the vets pounce on her and Dominic, while passively aggressively slamming "the boss" Daniele. The vets talk about Daniele like she's not even in the room. But things heat up when Daniele breaks her silence, calling Rachel an "idiot," which prompts Brendon to start ragging on her. Jeff sees Daniele's decision to backdoor him as a personal move because according to him, it was too early in the game for her to do something like that.

Another Newbie Goes

Dominic goes home after a 7-1 but not after blasting some the houseguests: "I think some of you are spineless jellyfish riding on people's backs." (The spineless jellyfish were the newbies, Dominic told Julie outside the house.) On Thursday, the "Double Trouble" twist came to an end meaning the Golden Key players are now back in the game and everyone is playing the game for themselves.

The HOH competition is an endurance one and if Daniele has anything to say about it, she's going to win it. Until Sunday ...

Quote of the Night

  • "I think all of you guys collectively, I think we all suck at this game and I think if I had a player or someone that had a spine to play with me, aside from the last week, I think there would be a game being played and not what it is right now." -- Dominic

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