'Big Brother 13': One Houseguest Flips and the Veterans are Toast

It's Double Eviction night and things get testy between former alliance members.

Double Eviction night is always eventful in the Big Brother house and Thursday was no exception.

After Jeff followed through on his plan to backdoor Daniele (the houseguests voted 3-2 to kick her to the curb), it was time to crown the new Head of Household, but unlike last week, it didn't take place at the end of the episode. With the target on Jeff's back larger than ever, Kalia wins the next HOH competition (a "before" or "after" deal), which doesn't bode well for Jeff and Jordan.

But before the first live vote, Shelly and Adam start to think for themselves and entertain the idea of finding a way to split up the only "couple" left in the house, Jeff and Jordan. They know that Jeff and Jordan will take each other to the final two. (Duh.) "You are not going to win against Jeff and Jordan," Shelly tells Adam before the vote to evict either Daniele or Kalia. At one point, Rachel contemplates working with Daniele and Porsche after finding out from Shelly that Jeff could've thrown a veto competition that ultimately led Brendon to be evicted.

The episode was a fiery one, with Shelly -- who was with Jeff and Jordan -- ultimately flipping sides and voting to keep Daniele and evict Kalia. Things got interesting when new HOH Kalia nominated Jeff and Rachel for eviction. (Not a shocker.) How quickly things change. A quickie veto competition, won by Porsche (after placing second in several HOH and veto competitions), was the nail in Jeff's coffin. With Shelly working with "the other side," his fate is sealed. Turns out, Jeff's big move didn't pay off in the end.

With Jeff evicted, the veterans are down to Jordan and Rachel, with the newbies going strong with Shelly, Porsche, Kalia and why not throw in Adam into the mix. With a vote of 2-2, Jeff is evicted. (Jordan looks like she's about to break down and Jeff tries to talk sense into Shelly.) Kalia is forced to break the tie and votes to evict Jeff. (Again, duh.) And before the hour is over, a new HOH competition is underway.

In hindsight, did Jeff make a smart move in backdooring Daniele?

Quote of the Night

  • "I'm a little fired up, you know, Julie?" -- Jeff after being evicted

'Big Brother 13': Jeff Goes Through With His Plan to Backdoor
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