'Big Brother 13': Pandora's Box Returns, Making One Houseguest Extremely Happy

A new Head of Household is crowned and two houseguests are put up for eviction.
"Big Brother"

Things are never boring in the Big Brother house and at the beginning of the episode, the houseguests must climb through thick, gooey liquid during the Head of Household competition. And the pressure's on to win. Who will come out on top?

It's Rachel that pulls forward, winning the HOH competition, with the most donuts stacked on her ring in 13 minutes. Near the end of the competition, it was neck and neck between Adam and Rachel, with Jordan following close behind with Kalia in last place.

This week is turning out to be a crucial one for Rachel. Kalia makes a visit up in the HOH room to try and keep herself safe for the week, throwing Porsche under the bus when necessary. Whoever Rachel decides to put up for eviction (and whoever wins the veto competition) will ultimately decide the trajectory of the rest of the season as finale night nears. Porsche has a chat with Rachel (they used to be allies in the beginning of the season) and attempts to cut a deal with her former ally. But is Rachel trusting Porsche's word? Porsche tells Rachel that she won't be her up, but Porsche's lying -- of course.

Pandora's Box is back for another week, but this time, there's a celebrity twist and it makes one of the houseguests, Adam, very happy. All throughout the season, Adam has talked about his love for Beverly Hills, 90210 and Tori Spelling and sure enough, the actress is in the house. Sadly for Rachel, she has a shopping spree with "celebrity" and former Big Brother contestant Jessie.

When Spelling enters into the Big Brother house, Adam's reaction is priceless. The rest of the houseguests show her around the house. Rachel is dying as she's watching the houseguests with Spelling. A visit with Spelling isn't all they're getting: all the clothing they can put on in three minutes.

Adam thanks Rachel and Jordan for keeping him safe on Thursday, and is siding with the veterans this week.

At the nomination ceremony, Rachel does the expected thing and puts up Porsche and Kalia, who have been targeting veterans all season long. Question is, will either of them win the pivotal veto and take themselves off or will Adam be the victor, forcing Rachel to make a difficult decision?

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