'Big Brother 13': Second Time Isn't a Charm for One Houseguest

Who will be evicted from the house: Brendon or Shelly?
Julie Chen

Will it be strike two for Brendon and Rachel or will mega-floater Shelly, who has been playing all sides of the house since Day 1, be sitting on the couch next to Julie Chen discussing her Big Brother woes?

After Brendon came back from the dead and returned to the house last week, leaving Lawon -- who volunteered to be up on the chopping block thinking he'd come back with some sort of power -- on the outside looking in, all eyes turned to new Head of Household, Daniele. She didn't put up either Brendon or Rachel at the nomination ceremony, but after Adam pulled himself off the block after winning the veto competition, Daniele stayed true to her word in her desire to backdoor Brendon.

In Daniele's HOH blog, she questioned how Brendon even garnered enough votes to have the opportunity to compete against Lawon to re-enter the house. "How the heck did Brendon get voted back into this house??," she wrote. "I was REALLY REALLY hoping Dominic was going to get the chance to come back in the house."

In Wednesday's episode, Daniele called Brendon one of the game's most powerful competitors, but even that didn't help him get the votes to stay in the house. In the end, Brendon said farewell for the second time this season after the vote was revealed to be 5-1 to evict him. The positive? Brendon is the first member in the jury house.

Viewers saw how emotional Rachel was weeks ago when Brendon was first evicted and the houseguests were aware of the wrath of Rachel should her fiance leave the game once again. Even Chen, who recently joined Twitter, chimed in on the Brendon-less house, tweeting, "Uh oh! Rachel without "her man!" in the house??? Take cover Houseguests!"

The HOH competition is an endurance one -- and it's clear there are several houseguests, Jeff and Jordan included, who need to win. Who will be crowned the new HOH? The winner of the HOH competition will be revealed Sunday.

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