'Big Brother 13': Veterans Get a Second Lease on Life in the House

The veto competition takes place and Pandora's Box affects the game as the finale nears.

If Sunday's episode of Big Brother marked the end of Rachel and Jordan's game, then Wednesday's completely changed it.

Viewers saw curent Head of Household (and member of the newbie squad) Porsche opening Pandora's Box and quickly regretting it. That's because the duos twist is back on for the week, meaning if the winner of the veto is safe -- so is his or her partner. With Rachel and Jordan on the block -- and subsequently teaming up (not a shocker) -- that puts a dent in Porsche and her crew's plans to knock one of them out should Rachel or Jordan come out on top in the competition. By the way, Kalia isn't happy that Porsche took the money ($10,000 in total), with whom she splits down the middle.

The tension between former allies Jordan and Shelly is thick, as seen in their encounter in the bathroom, when Shelly tries to say "hello" to Jordan. She defends her decision to Adam for voting out "America's sweetheart" Jeff, but Adam (behind closed doors) is happy she's in the bind she's in and not him. "They're not getting between me and my family," Shelly says about Jeff and Jordan. "They haven't seen ruthless yet."

When the veto competition ends, Porsche's fear comes true. Rachel wins the pivotal veto and takes herself as well as partner Jordan down from eviction, forcing Adam and Shelly to be named the replacement nominees. With Rachel and Jordan controlling the votes and Shelly flipping on Thursday to evict "ally" Jeff, it's pretty clear who the remaining veterans are targeting. But in the Big Brother house, a lot can change in a matter of hours -- as evident on Thursday's double eviction.

Later on in the episode, Shelly changes her tune, telling Jordan and Rachel that she'll help them further their standing in the game because she knows she will go out before the final two. And she says she will not stab them in the back. But if Jordan and Rachel fall for Shelly's act, then they're really not the brightest in the house.

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