'Big Brother 14' Reveals Coaches Twist to Houseguests, Power in Flux

Big Brother Coaches Hip Hop - H 2012

Big Brother Coaches Hip Hop - H 2012

The result of America's Vote wasn't a big surprise, but the way it played out on Big Brother certainly made it interesting.

[Warning: Major spoilers ahead.]

Viewers ultimately offered the coaches the chance to enter the game (not a surprising result), it was revealed during Thursday's live telecast, and everyone, except Boogie, opted for the game reset. This mean that there would be no eviction, effectively saving houseguests Frank and Joe, who were on the block.

For the first time this season, everyone will be on their own. The next Head of Household competition is an endurance one and because the game was reset, outgoing HOH Shane is allowed to compete. The winner will not be revealed for quite a while, but whoever ends up with the power will be updated here.

What are your thoughts on the new development and who do you think has the upper hand now?

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