'Big Brother 14': Sparks Fly During Second Double Eviction

With Frank and Joe on the block, who is the next to go to jury with Britney and Ashley? And who is the second houseguest evicted?
Monty Brinton/CBS

There's a reason double eviction episodes are highlights to every Big Brother season.

No time to scheme, mastermind or talk your way out of corners. No time to think of the best strategic move. And sometimes, new enemies are formed -- all in the span of less than one hour. The second live double eviction episode of the season had it all. Here's how it went down.

[Warning: Major spoilers ahead.]

With competition beast (and Dan's supposed "alliance member") Frank and Joe on the block, it was pretty much set in stone that Frank would be evicted. The only question was: How would he take it and what would the vote be? Not leaving it to chance (tie votes are risky for obvious reasons), Dan, Danielle and Shane all voted to evict Frank, with Jenn the only person voting him to stay.

Let's just say, Frank's exit from the Big Brother house wasn't the most glamorous but it wasn't the most explosive either. "I am shell-shocked," Frank admits moments after getting evicted to Julie Chen. "I'm kicking myself for trusting [Dan]."

Quickly after, the next HOH competition -- centered on houseguest's pleas -- took place. After a tiebreaker between Jenn, Dan and Danielle, Dan was named the new HOH (for at least a hot minute) and put up Ian and Joe on the block.

The pivotal POV competition crowns Ian the winner, who obviously takes himself off the block. This is where the night gets interesting.

In what can be assumed to be a game move on Dan's part to A) hide his alliance and B) to ensure the other nominee goes home, Dan makes a ballsy move and nominates his most loyal ally Danielle as a replacement. (As a cover, it's genius: The two are secretly working together after Dan's "funeral" but other houseguests don't believe they are.)

It's an easy eviction to call: By a vote of 3-0, Joe is evicted from the house.

Some lighter moments during the live double eviction:

- Dan slipping up to Frank, asking him what would happen if Joe were to pull out a miracle HOH win on Thursday. (Slip-up city.)

- Joe mistaking Dan for Shane in the pitch-black bedroom. (Major whoopsie.)

- Ian leaves the back bedroom right before the veto meeting, thinking Dan doesn't want to talk to him, but he does. (Quack Pack fail.)

- Julie Chen: "Don't make me come in there!"

The game is about to speed up as Big Brother heads toward the Sept. 19 finale. The next HOH competition will take place tonight.

What are your thoughts on the two evictions and who do you think has the best chance at making it to the final three?

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