'Big Brother 14': Two Houseguests Exit in Dramatic Double Eviction

Big Brother Live 8/2 Julie Chen - H 2012
Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother Live 8/2 Julie Chen - H 2012

The first live double eviction of Big Brother 14 was a doozy of an episode.

[Warning: Major spoilers ahead.]

At the top of the hour, former coach/Big Brother winner Mike "Boogie" was evicted from the house with a vote of 5-2 after footage of tense-filled moments in the house following the veto ceremony. (It was after the vote that Boogie realized Ian betrayed him.) Loyal alliance members Frank and Ashley were the only votes for him to stay.

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"I'm really shocked!" Boogie admitted to Julie Chen outside the house when Ian's true colors showed. After Boogie saw Ian's goodbye message which revealed he was in fact the one who ratted him out to Britney, all Boogie could muster was, "Wow."

Then the drama kicked into high gear. With only minutes to chat -- if that -- between competitions and nominations, the house was on high alert. After all, the second evictee will be the first of the seven-person jury that will determine the $500,000 grand-prize winner at the September finale.

In a quick "Before and After" HOH competition, Ian won the power over Danielle after a tiebreaker question (how many seconds did it take for the lime team to win the respective competition). Moments later, he kept his word to the Quack Pack, putting up Frank and Ashley.

At the POV competition, Dan, Britney and Jenn were the players not picked to play, pitting Ian, Frank, Ashley, Shane, Danielle and Joe against each other. Frank won the POV, after Ian quickly came out in the lead. Does this guy have nine lives? Frank takes himself down, forcing Ian to put up Joe.

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It's an easy vote to cast. With Quack Pack controlling the votes, Frank's only ally Ashley -- inarticulate in her nomination speech -- is evicted with a vote of 5-1. (Frank's was the only vote against Joe, whose speech was memorable for being straightforward and silent.)

Ashley's first words outside of the house to Chen? "I love your side pony!" in reference to her hairstyle.

Are you surpised by the second evictee? Did the Quack Pack throw Ian into the fire deliberately? Who will be named the new HOH? What's Frank's best move now?

Want to relive the tension in the house before Boogie was evicted? Watch below:

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