'Big Brother 15': David Girton on Aaryn's Racist Remarks and Moving Company Blindside

The first evicted houseguest of the season talks to THR about his brief stay in the house, being betrayed by one of his closest allies and that infamous Power of Veto competition.
"Big Brother 15's" David Girton

It's never fun being the first houseguest evicted from Big Brother. Unfortunately for David Girton, a 25-year-old lifeguard from San Diego, his luck ran out after 13 days in the house.

After being eliminated from the game on July 3 with seven votes, Girton had a few days to decompress and watch the first episodes of the season -- during which he discovered the existence of the Moving Company alliance (which, unbeknownst to Girton, included his friend Jeremy McGuire) that plotted his demise and Elissa Slater's MVP status (she put him on the block in the first place).

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There were chances for Girton, who was part of a "showmance" with Aaryn Gries, to save himself -- though he was unsuccessful in doing so. In the spelling Power of Veto competition, Girton famously failed to submit a word in his attempt to spell "competition." (That word would have beaten POV winner McCrae Olson's -- who was attempting to throw the competition -- winning word: "delivery.")

THR will be chatting with the evicted houseguests this season. In the first interview, Girton discusses getting the boot at the hands of the Moving Company, whether he should have aligned with Aaryn and what he would have done differently.

The Hollywood Reporter: Now that you've had a few days to kind of decompress, how would you describe your experience in the house?

David Girton: I would kind of describe the experience in the house [as] pretty, like, crazy and wild and going through, like, an emotional week. It was fun; I had a fun time, like, life was a party in the house, and I wasn't technically playing the game to my full capability except in the competitions. I should've been talking to people more, but I was trying to keep low and laid-back and not get into too many controversies in the first week. But I definitely wish I was still in there friggin' helping Aaryn out. And it seems after I left, people are, like, totally playing the game now.

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THR: Before you entered the house, you said you wanted to "go with the flow." In hindsight, was that a good strategy? Do you think you should have been campaigning more to stay or figure out how to get more votes?

Girton: I think the first [Head of Household competition] hindered me the most. I either had to fake it like I was not strong at all or I had to win that first HOH. Those are the only two ways out of it and campaigning for people to still vote for me, I felt like the house was already split and I had a feeling about it, but Aaryn had a feeling I was gonna stay and I didn't wanna make her sad. In that area, I felt like I did my best and did everything that was possible. But the first HOH was the one that kind of ruined me.

THR: How so? Do you think you competed too hard or should have won it?

Girton: I feel like I competed too hard. People realized what type of guy I was, that I was gonna be the most physical threat all the way through, and they knew they had to get me out right away 'cause I was physically strong. And I was a likable guy in the house. No one really hated me as much as other people hated each other 'cause I was a super nice guy.

THR: It's always tough being the first one out. The first eviction usually sets the tone for the next few weeks.

Girton: Oh yeah, big time! I can't believe people are still talking to me. I didn't realize I was that big of a threat 'til people were still talking to me, like "David, David, David," I'm just like "OK guys," I didn't realize I was that big of, like, an impact on the house, you know.

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THR: So you have seen the episodes following your eviction?

Girton: Oh yeah. I needed to know what was going on.

THR: Were you surprised by the Moving Company alliance? They were the ones who wanted you out of the house.

Girton: I was pretty surprised. I had no clue that there was a Moving Company alliance, and I felt kind of weird because it ruined my game 'cause I was the last person in the house. They had already made that alliance before I got in the house.

THR: So you felt that even before you entered the house on Day 1, you were already at a disadvantage?

Girton: I felt like that was a big disadvantage going in last: I didn't have a bed, then I met Aaryn and people knew that me and her were a strong "showmance" couple, so they knew that they needed to get this blond surfer dude out from the beginning. People were gunning me from the beginning; ever since I dropped off of that popsicle, I feel like people had it out for me. I told Aaryn that when we had a conversation; she didn't believe me, but she finally realized what I was saying.

THR: How surprised were you that Jeremy was part of the Moving Company and was in on the plan to evict you?

Girton: My thoughts of Jeremy are: Dude, did you actually like me as a person and want me in the house, or, did you just wanna stay in there for the money because you were that selfish of a guy? I'm kind of pissed off at him in between. I can't wait to talk to him when I get to see him again. I really don't know what to think of him. The only person that I really trusted was Aaryn.

THR: In hindsight, was teaming up with Aaryn not a good idea? Who do you think you could have aligned with?

Girton: To tell you the truth, I wouldn't have done anything differently. As I said before, I was in it for the "showmance," but I was also in it for the money. I couldn't hold back my true feelings about Aaryn. There was no way [of] me getting with the Moving Company 'cause I didn't really like Spencer [Clawson] to tell you the truth. He was a dick, and Nick [Uhas] was kind of sketch. The only true people I really liked were Aaryn, Kaitlin [Barnaby] and Jeremy.

THR: If you could have a do-over in the house, what would you have done differently?

Girton: The biggest do-over in the house would probably be winning that first HOH. I got a lot of TV time doing that in the first three episodes, and I wish America would've saw me more; how much more of a likable guy and funny guy I am. But what are you gonna do, you know?

THR: Talk about the POV competition. You said that you wanted to spell out "competition," but what was going through your head as time was winding down?

Girton: To tell you the truth, I was super nervous. Me and Aaryn actually had a conversation beforehand if I was gonna throw it or not. And I was trying hard at first but then I was kind of throwing it in between, but I was still trying. I should've tried for a different word, but I knew if I had "competition," I only had an "M" or "P" left [to find] -- I knew how to spell words ... I just couldn't find an "M" or "P" pop in the bubble. I knew I would've won [if I did] because McCrae only spelled a nine-letter word [sic] "delivery," and he got lucky! It was a gamble trying to spell "competition," but I went for it.

THR: What are your thoughts on the MVP twist, because one could argue Elissa put you out of the house.

Girton: Big time. I didn't really care about MVP at first. I actually thought it was fun, and I was down for it. Then after being the first MVP [nominee] ever in Big Brother, I'm just like you've gotta be kidding me. It didn't help my game at all.

THR: Are you a fan of the MVP twist?

DG: I am a fan, but [at the same time] I'm not because it brings more drama and more stress. I know that's what America wants, and I know that makes good TV, but it didn't help my game. This is the first time in my life [where] I'm kind of bitter. I still wanna be in that house, and I still wanna show America who I am. I know America likes a "showmance," so it sucks that it ended early.

THR: It seems there are a lot of "showmances" this season.

Girton: Me and Aaryn had the first physical connection. The funny thing was Jeremy had the hots for Jessie [Kowalski] and Kaitlin, and I don't know if you guys caught this on the live feeds, but I told Jeremy that Kaitlin liked him and I was the person that hooked them up! 

THR: Have your opinions changed in regards to Aaryn following last night's episode, which showed some of her derogatory remarks? 

Girton: Not really. Maybe a slight change, but I didn't realize she was that type of girl. I was never around her when that was going on; I didn't know she had that in her. I know she made harsh comments, but America doesn't really know who Aaryn is [deep] down inside. That house changes you and makes you a different person, and she's just mad at the rest of the houseguests because I got voted off. Anybody could say those things out of anger, or she didn't realize cameras were around. I know people say those types of things every day, and she happened to be the person America caught saying those things. It sucks what she has to deal with after when she gets out, and I feel bad for her.

THR: Who do you think is in the best position right now? 

Girton: Amanda [Zuckerman]. She's the fakest person and she sells real estate, so she knows how to talk to people and she knows how to look people in the eyes [when] she's lying to them. Amanda's in the best situation right now. Nick needs to get on people's better sides. People still think he's sketch, and people are gonna realize that he did vote for me [to go home], but he's strong mentally and physically. Definitely Amanda and Nick. 

THR: Who are you hoping makes it far?

Girton: Aaryn, definitely. I only hope Aaryn or Jeremy or Kaitlin wins this game. Everybody else I could care less about because there are a lot of floaters in that house.

THR: If you had the chance to go back into the house again this season, who would be No. 1 on your target list?

Girton: I would act like a totally different person. I wouldn't be this chill, laid-back guy. I would show America my vocal point of view, give better TV and get in their face about it. I would have it out for Amanda and Nick. I would be, like, I'm the good guy and you guys are the bad guys, and let's fight it out until the end.

THR: What's next for you?

Girton: I have no clue what's next for me. I'm still gonna surf. I was hoping this would help me get a modeling or acting career out of this, but I was a beach lifeguard. I might still do that, I don't know if I still want to; I was actually gonna quit this summer anyway. Like I said on the show, I'm a 25-year-old man [and] I have no clue what I wanna do, so we'll see what my opportunities are after the show.

Big Brother next airs 8 p.m. Wednesday on CBS.

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