'Big Brother 15': Fifth Houseguest Evicted

Will Amanda, Howard or Candice be voted out of the house this week?
"Big Brother 15"

Whose Big Brother game has come to an end?

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from Thursday's live eviction episode.]

Following Spencer Clawson's Power of Veto win, Head of Household Aaryn Gries was forced to replace Spencer with another nominee. Who did she end up putting on the block? Her archnemesis, Candice Stewart, pitting her against Amanda Zuckerman and Howard Overby. Spencer went to work to gather the votes needed to keep his main alliance member, Howard, in the house this week -- but the vote gathering wasn't easy. Spencer targeted the "underlings"; first GinaMarie Zimmerman, then Andy Herren and Judd Daughtery. Amanda later confronted Spencer about his plan to get Amanda out, causing Spencer to lie, lie, lie. To call their discussion tense is an understatement.

Candice's plan of attack? A house meeting! (This season's cast sure loves their house meetings.) Candice called out Spencer, saying that he wanted Howard to stay and Candice to go. After some ribbing, Spencer told Candice exactly what he thought she wanted to say, conceding that he wanted Candice out the door. Candice made her target known -- should she stay: Spencer.

So who ended up with the votes to go home?

The Vote Breakdown

Helen -- Howard 
Elissa -- Howard
Spencer -- Candice
McCrae -- Howard
Andy -- Howard
Judd -- Howard
GinaMarie -- Howard
Jessie -- Howard

With seven votes, Howard is evicted from the Big Brother house, making him the latest Moving Company member to be kicked out of the game.

During his post-eviction interview with Julie Chen, he said that some houseguests felt they had to go with the "power in the house," otherwise they themselves would be targeted. The power in the house being Helen Kim, Amanda, McCrae Olson and Elissa Slater. "Unfortunately I got with the Moving Company early and that was dismantled," he said, "and I was on the outs." Chen brought up the pivotal moment when Helen confronted Howard about the Moving Company alliance, and he lied to her face about it. "I'm a loyal person ... and my game plan was to get with an alliance -- especially with the MVP numbers important -- and we could have made it work. But when it came to her face to face, I had to save face, and that's what I did until I had to tell the truth," he said. 

Chen also asked about Howard's view on the derogatory remarks in the house. "Probably the hardest thing in the world," Howard said, adding that he didn't want to lose his temper in the house. 

The New HOH

Who will take over as HOH? GinaMarie.

Who do you think GinaMarie should put up for eviction? Who should America put up as Big Brother MVP? Are you looking forward to next Thursday's double eviction?

Big Brother next airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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