'Big Brother 15': Final Three Revealed

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Whose Big Brother game came to an end?

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from Thursday's eviction episode.]

As the Sept. 18 finale nears, the Exterminators are taking control of the game. Following the eviction of alliance member (but low man on the totem pole) Judd Daugherty the day before, Andy Herren won the coveted Head of Household competition, solidifying his final three spot. The question becomes, who else will join him?

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With McCrae Olson the odd man out, Olson is certain that he is likely the next one out the door -- should he not pull out a Power of Veto win. In keeping with his strategy, Andy nominated McCrae (expected) and put up fellow Exterminator alliance member Spencer Clawson, marking Clawson's eighth time on the block, keeping GinaMarie Zimmerman safe.

The Jury House

CBS brought cameras into the jury house dominated by six female members, and gave us a brief glimpse into what the jurors are thinking. When Aaryn Gries entered the jury house, she apologized to Helen Kim and Candice Stewart for some of the "insensitive" remarks she made during the competition and, when Amanda Zuckerman made her grand entrance, she relayed Andy's shady game play and Exterminators alliance, with Aaryn chiming in and reaffirming a conversation she had with Amanda where she told Amanda that Andy was a detriment to her game. Meanwhile, Helen was vocal in her respect for Andy's sly moves. Is she a vote for Andy if he makes it to the final two?

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Judd, evicted for the second time, entered a house filled with bitter women. After showing a tape of his eviction, the discussion between the seven jury members got heated, with the jurors disagreeing over whether GinaMarie had everyone's support should she make it to final two. Amanda continued her "Vote for McCrae" campaign with the rest of the jurors, and Candice argued that McCrae was the ultimate floater, prompting some major arguments to break out.

The POV Competition/Ceremony

The most important competition of the season, the winner of the POV decides who will cast the sole vote to evict. In "Web of Lies," after McCrae got the puzzle wrong, Andy secured the power in the house by securing the veto victory.

Following the competition, Spencer began working Andy over to ensure that he be taken to final two over GinaMarie, with the argument that GinaMarie made the biggest move of the summer -- putting Amanda and McCrae on the eviction block. McCrae seconded Spencer's argument in a HOH chat. Will it pay off?

Prior to the POV ceremony, Chen revealed that Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie came clean to McCrae about the existence of the Exterminators alliance prior to the live episode. Andy chose not to use the veto, keeping his nominations the same.

The Vote Breakdown

GinaMarie - McCrae

With GinaMarie's sole vote, McCrae was evicted from the Big Brother house, making him the eighth member of the jury.

In McCrae's post-eviction interview with host Julie Chen, they showed the conversation between the four houseguests. "I got got," McCrae told Chen, admitting that he didn't go with his instincts when he first suspected something was off-kilter. When McCrae won HOH recently, he explained why he didn't put up Andy. His explanation? His relationship with Amanda "crippled" his game to the point where he couldn't see the alliance forming right in front of him.

How does McCrae truly feel about Amanda? "Amanda's awesome. She's really smart. Me and her are polar opposites, and they say opposites attract," McCrae said. "Maybe stuff will work out. I'll give you an 'I don't know.' "

Chen addressed the three remaining members of the Exterminators, asking them why they chose to reveal the alliance. Andy's response? They respected McCrae too much, and there was really nothing to lose in doing so.

Who do you want to win the final HOH and make it to final two?

Big Brother next airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS. The finale will feature the return of Will "Dr. Will" Kirby, as he grills the Big Brother jury.

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