'Big Brother 15' Premiere: First HOH Is Crowned

Julie Chen Big Brother - H 2013

Julie Chen Big Brother - H 2013

[Warning: Major spoilers from the season premiere.]

The sparks are flying on Big Brother.

Season 15 of the CBS summer mainstay kicked off Wednesday on a high note, with numerous "secret" alliances forming, potential "showmances" and the first Head of Household (HOH) being crowned.

Host Julie Chen also broke the news to the 16 houseguests regarding the new twists, which includes three nominees up for eviction instead of two and the America-controlled Big Brother MVP.

Right off the bat, it seems as if there are several potential "showmances" in the works -- at least if the Diary Room (DR) confessionals and first interactions with the houseguests are to be trusted. It's always interesting to see how the houseguests are edited and portrayed right off the bat; that often offers hints as to how producers want certain houseguests or pairings to be perceived. It's early, so things will definitely change as the 90-day competition goes on.

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"Secret" alliances: Jeremy finds himself in the middle of two three-person alliances, both of them "secret," he says. One alliance consists of himself, Howard and Spencer, while the other is David, Jessie and Jeremy, who believes he's in an amazing position. (It's only Day 1!) Is Jeremy playing too hard, too soon?

Big twists shock the houseguests: When Chen breaks the news of the twists, the houseguests are more than surprised. "That changes the game completely!" Helen exclaims. With the HOH still responsible for nominating two people for eviction every week, the third nominee will be made by the person America votes that week's Big Brother MVP (aka the person they believe is playing the best game). The kicker? It can be done all in secret and anonymously. The first MVP will be notified of his or her status before the veto meeting. Now this is a huge change to the game; not only does it complicate matters for the HOH, it adds another layer to the game.

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First HOH crowned: It's an endurance competition for the first HOH, called the "Popsicle Factory," with the houseguests hanging onto a "popsicle" as things like cold water and paint spray them as they rotate. After nearly three hours, McCrae -- who believed he was on the outside looking in when he entered the house -- makes a deal with Nick to get the first HOH so he can ensure safety for himself. Will Nick and McCrae make a formidable duo?

The "Never Not": During the HOH competition, it's revealed that the competitors still left in the endurance challenge can get a "Never Not" pass, meaning they would never be a Have Not for the entire summer. Jeremy ends up snagging the pass. Will the decision bite him later on in the game?

What are your thoughts on the twists and the houseguests? Who are your favorites? Who should McCrae put up for eviction?

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