'Big Brother 15': First Houseguest Is Evicted

The first eviction of the season wraps up a fiery week inside and outside the house.
"Big Brother 15" cast

It's been a lively few days in the Big Brother world with houseguests' offensive statements making headlines and affecting their careers, but finally, the first eviction of the season is in the books.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from Wednesday's eviction episode.]

Being the first evictee is never fun, but for David Girton, Jessie Kowalski and Elissa Slater — the latter Big Brother season 13 winner Rachel Reilly's sister — the reality of leaving the house after spending mere days was far too real.

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So who took home the unlucky title of the season's first evictee? That honor went to San Diego-based lifeguard David, with seven votes to evict (courtesy of The Moving Company alliance).

The majority of the house planned on booting David, with the hopes of using Elissa's presumed MVP-ness (due to her connection to Rachel's fan base) to their advantage. David's alliance members, however, were shocked when the votes came down. Their faces said it all.


The episode also touched on Wine-Gate, which took place in the house late Monday evening. After deciding to wait until midnight so the Have Nots could drink the one bottle of red wine provided by Big Brother, at about 11 p.m., Aaryn Gries whined that she wanted to drink now and didn't want to wait. So Jeremy McGuire did as he was indirectly told, pouring the wine for Aaryn.

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When midnight rolled around, the Have Nots celebrated and of course, wondered where the red wine went. Aaryn continued to stir the pot, causing Jeremy (with Aaryn by his side) to admit that it was he who popped open the wine and drank it: "I feel great and I don't give a f---."

The Vote Breakdown

Amanda - David
Aaryn - Elissa
Nick - David
Candice - Elissa
Spencer - David
Kaitlin - Elissa
Helen - David
Howard - David
GinaMarie - Elissa
Judd - David
Jeremy - Elissa
Andy - David

Following David's eviction, the silence in the house was deafening. Why did David think he was the first one out the door? "I'm pretty smart. I have the personality," David told host Julie Chen. "I think people would vote for me at the end." Smart enough not to put a word down in the spelling veto competition?

David had an inkling that he would be sitting next to Chen: "I had a vibe." She also asked him about admitting to entering the house for a "showmance" and not to compete for the $500,000 grand prize. Seems like David believed he found his soul mate in the house, calling Aaryn the type of girl he wanted to be with.


McCrae Olson finished his run as the first HOH of the season and the new Fourth of Juy-themed HOH competition started at the end of the hour. The winning pair was Aaryn and Jeremy, with Aaryn crowned the season's second HOH.

The Have Nots have also been decided: Andy, Helen, Elissa and Candice.

Who do you hope will be the next HOH and Big Brother MVP?

Big Brother next airs 8 p.m. Sunday on CBS.

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