'Big Brother 15': Fourth Houseguest Evicted After Landslide Vote

Will Aaryn, Kaitlin or GinaMarie be voted out of the house this week?
"Big Brother"

Whose Big Brother game has come to an end?

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from Thursday's eviction episode.]

The Big Brother house was rocked this week during Judd Daugherty's head of household reign after the Big Brother MVP (aka America) nominated previous three-time MVP holder Elissa Slater as the third nominee up for eviction, joining Aaryn Gries and Kaitlin Barnaby on the block. Elissa won the power of veto, taking herself off the block and forcing America to put up Aaryn and Kaitlin's alliance member GinaMarie Zimmerman in her place as she was the next top vote-getter. With members of the house believing that Elissa nominated herself in a brilliant game move and others waffling on who to evict, the house was in a state of flux.

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Who was the fourth houseguest evicted: Aaryn, Kaitlin or GinaMarie? While several members leaned toward getting Aaryn out of the house, Jessie Kowalski pushed to  get rid of Kaitlin, which caused Judd to vocalize that idea to other houseguests. Meanwhile, Aaryn — scrambling to save her butt — introduced the idea that she could throw the next HOH competition, or if she won, would give Helen Kim and Elissa ultimate nominating power. Question is: Is she really telling the truth?

Elissa vs. Aaryn

After it was decided that Kaitlin would be headed out the door this week, Elissa stirred the pot and tipped Kaitlin off that she might be the one getting blindsided following an allegation that she had an alliance with Howard Overby and Spencer Clawson — a move that prompted an impromptu town hall meeting with Elissa and Aaryn at the forefront. Elissa's decision to jeopardize her alliance's plan, according to Helen, was driven by her dislike for Aaryn — and that seemed to be abundantly clear.

The Vote Breakdown

Amanda - Kaitlin
McCrae - Kaitlin
Helen - Kaitlin
Candice - Kaitlin
Elissa - Kaitlin
Spencer - Kaitlin
Howard - Kaitlin
Andy - Kaitlin
Jessie - Kaitlin

When the votes were read by Julie Chen, Kaitlin was evicted with nine votes — the season's first landslide vote. It seemed she was caught in the crossfire, based on the edited episodes, and though recently evicted "showmance" partner Jeremy McGuire said she had a better shot to make it far without him there, things didn't pan out the way she had hoped.

"People lied to my face and I knew it was coming," Kaitlin said to Chen in her post-eviction interview. When Chen broke the news to Kaitlin that she, Aaryn and GinaMarie were often referred to as the "mean girls," she admitted that she "aligned with some catty girls." "It definitely rubbed off of me," Kaitlin admitted when asked about her participation in some of the group's questionable activities. "I definitely picked the wrong side of the house," she conceded. When asked if Kaitlin and Jeremy would rekindle their romance outside the house, Kaitlin left it open-ended: "He can do whatever he wants!"


The new HOH was crowned after a game called "Roulette Me Win." The competition required a ball to be thrown toward a roulette wheel, and the houseguest with the ball landing in the highest number won. The new HOH is Aaryn.

Should Aaryn have been evicted instead of Kaitlin? Is Aaryn going to keep her promise to Helen about allowing her and Elissa nominating power? Who do you think she will put up on the block? Who should America nominate as Big Brother MVP?

Big Brother next airs 8 p.m. Sunday on CBS.

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