'Big Brother 15': Two Houseguests Get the Boot in Second Double Eviction

Big Brother 15 Eviction 9/5 - H 2013

Big Brother 15 Eviction 9/5 - H 2013

Another double eviction, another lively Big Brother. Whose game came to an end?

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from Thursday's live double-eviction episode.]

CBS wasted no time touting the 500th episode milestone for the summer staple, with host Julie Chen mentioning the landmark at the very top of the hour. It's Day 77, by the way.

Head of Household GinaMarie Zimmerman surprised the only power duo left in the house, Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson, nominating them for eviction. Amanda believed that GinaMarie's nominations were purely personal, that she was "jealous" of her relationship with McCrae. (Not so.) After McCrae won the Power of Veto and took himself off the block, GinaMarie nominated Spencer Clawson -- who volunteered to go up as a replacement -- in his place. Amanda pulled Elissa Slater aside as a last-ditch effort to buy herself safety, and, surprisingly, the enemies made a deal. That's how fast things change.

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But when Andy Herren caught wind of Elissa's plan to keep Amanda, it became his worst nightmare. Why? It would reveal his hand in the game. Andy informed the rest of the Exterminators alliance of Elissa's defection, telling Spencer and Judd Daugherty that they will likely have to get Elissa out next.

The Vote Breakdown (No. 1)

Judd - Amanda
McCrae - Spencer
Elissa - Spencer
Andy - Amanda

For the first time this season, there was a 2-2 tie, forcing GinaMarie to cast the deciding vote. "Amanda, get to steppin'," GinaMarie said. Before Amanda left the house, she outed Andy, questioning his loyalties. (She found out in the farewell messages that Andy was part of the Exterminators alliance.)

"I'm really dumbfounded," Amanda said to Chen in her post-eviction interview, bringing up Elissa's vote. (Elissa kept her word and voted to keep Amanda.) Chen also asked about Amanda's bullying tactics inside the house. "I'm definitely not a bully," Amanda said. "I hate it when people bully other people. I know that's funny...To be honest, I was just honest with people and people didn't want the truth." She did admit that she regretted bullying Elissa and conceded that she probably should've been nicer to the houseguests.

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The HOH/POV Competitions

In the HOH competition, "Go Fetch!," the remaining houseguests (minus GinaMarie) were tasked with retrieving two dog bones and getting their key. The first person to complete the task was named the new HOH. After a three-way tie between Elissa, McCrae and Judd, McCrae was victorious in the quick HOH comp.

Who did he nominate for eviction? GinaMarie and Elissa.

In the "The BB 500" POV competition, celebrating the 500th episode, the houseguests are tasked to navigate a car through the maze and whoever does so first wins the veto. Judd ended up winning, choosing to keep the nominations the same.

The Vote Breakdown (No. 2)

Spencer - Elissa
McCrae - Elissa
GinaMarie - Elissa

By a unanimous 3-0 vote, all at the hands of the Exterminators, Elissa was evicted from the game. In her post-eviction interview with Chen, Elissa believed that McCrae may have stabbed Amanda in the back. (It was Andy who voted against Amanda.) "She told me to make two-week deals, not whole-game deals," Elissa said of the advice her sister Rachel Reilly gave.

Are you satisfied with the two houseguests who were evicted? Who do you think should be the next HOH?

Big Brother next airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS. A special eviction episode airs Wednesday.

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