'Big Brother 15' Winner Revealed

Big Brother 15 Final 3 Split - H 2013

Big Brother 15 Final 3 Split - H 2013

Who won Big Brother 15?

[Warning: Spoilers ahead from the Big Brother finale.]

After 90 days in the house, two double evictions and 36 episodes, the new winner was crowned. With a final three that consisted of GinaMarie Zimmerman, Spencer Clawson and Andy Herren, members of the late-forming Exterminators alliance, the one who came out on top was: Andy.

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Who did America vote as the $25,000 winner? It was: Elissa. (The top three vote getters were Elissa, Howard and Judd.)

Here's how it all went down:

The Final HOH Competition

The first part of the HOH competition is simple. Whoever can hold on in the skater-inspired challenge the longest is named the winner. Spencer quickly dropped, after failing to hold on, leaving Andy and GinaMarie. Andy struggled mightily -- even making odd sounds as he struggled through the competition -- but GinaMarie also had trouble maintaining her balance, lasting just long enough after Andy unceremoniously fell. “Oh, my god, glitter!” GinaMarie exclaimed after notching the key Pt. 1 victory. But not so fast! GinaMarie must’ve swallowed a few pieces of glitter because before you knew it, she was hacking up a lung.

The second part of the HOH competition between Spencer and Andy had the two picking crabs with houseguests’ faces and rock-climbing up the wall to put their faces in the number corresponding to when they were evicted. Spencer had a more systematic approach, going in order, while Andy went with the other route, finding whatever houseguests’ faces he could and inserting them in their appropriate places. Both struggled, but Andy dominated with a time of 21:54. (Spencer’s time was 36:11.)

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Spencer’s only play now to ensure himself a final two spot? To make sure that GinaMarie or Andy know that if they pick the other, they will likely not win the $500,000 grand prize.

In the final part of the HOH competition, in which GinaMarie and Andy were asked to answer questions about the jury members, the scale was tipped in the winner’s favor. After a battle that went back and forth between the two, Andy won by one point, crowning him the final HOH. Who will he pick to go with him to the final two?

The Jury Gets Grilled

Dr. Will, Big Brother’s season two winner, returned by interrogating the eight jury members in the jury house. When Elissa Slater said that she hoped to see McCrae Olson as the newest jury member, Amanda’s face said it all. Having a moderator of sorts certainly helped steer the conversation for the houseguests, who may have otherwise strayed from the important game-specific questions. It was clear that while Andy seemed to be a safe bet, none of the jurors could really pinpoint a big game move that he made -- except for Elissa, who correctly pointed to him framing her for the vote to evict Amanda. The jury gave credit to Spencer, whose stay on the block was a record, for managing to stay in the game after the demise of The Moving Company and the eviction of Howard Overby. Meanwhile, GinaMarie received some support from Aaryn Gries when she said that the fact that Amanda couldn't manipulate her made her even more of an option to vote for to win.

  • “I don’t like you,” Candice Stewart told Amanda Zuckerman. “Everything’s happy in Candyland. You’re just not there.”
  • Dr. Will about Aaryn: “Did she help make your bed in the jury house?”

Dr. Will reiterated to the jury members the importance of the questions they would be asking the final two. (Hopefully they took note.)

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The Final Two

When it came time to pick who Andy would take to the final two, he stayed true to GinaMarie, by evicting Spencer.

When asked if he was shocked by Andy's decision to evict him instead of GinaMarie, Spencer was candid. "No, not really. I was always worried about ... their relationship," Spencer told Julie Chen, who credited him for surviving eviction eight times, effectively doing away with the Curse of the Pawn. To say the vote will be close now is an understatement.

The Final Two Get Questioned

Jury members pre-chose six questions to ask GinaMarie and Andy. Throughout the segment, GinaMarie seemed to stumble for her answers: One key example was when Amanda asked about GinaMarie's biggest game move other than getting Amanda out. Maybe GinaMarie didn't hear the question fully but she went back to her move of putting Amanda and McCrae on the block as her big move.

Meanwhile, Andy -- a public-speaking professor -- seemed to wade through his questions in a easier manner. When McCrae asked  how he backstabbed everyone without much trouble, Andy was able to answer matter-of-factly. At one point, he admitted that he was "a coward" for not being up front with the evicted houseguests about their demise, and his answers seemed to appease the jury. While the jury was under the impression that Andy had no loyalty, he revealed that he had agreed to take GinaMarie to the finals on Day 1. From the Q&A portion, it seemed to tip in Andy's favor.

The Final Speeches (in a Nutshell)

GinaMarie: "I'm GinaMarie." (She also sort of bribed the jury.)

Andy: "People went home because of me ... Every move that I made was expertly calculated."

Making National Headlines

Howard addressed the "severity" of the racial comments this season, with Chen chiming in and telling the jury that they made "national headlines." Interestingly, CBS panned to several houseguests during Howard's comments, including GinaMarie, Spencer and Aaryn. Chen asked Spencer what he thought about the season being tied to racial remarks, who said he hated it if that happened. "Did I say anything Julie?" Spencer asked a moment later. "We don't have enough time," Chen quipped.

The Final Vote Breakdown

Will there be a Topaz moment from Big Brother Canada? (She allegedly voted for whom she wanted to evict, not whom she wanted to win.) One can always try to draw conclusions from whom jurors cast their votes for through their veiled remarks as they cast their votes, but here's how the vote came down.

Spencer - Andy
McCrae - Andy
Judd - GinaMarie
Elissa - Andy
Amanda - Andy
Aaryn - GinaMarie
Helen - Andy
Jessie - Andy
Candice - Andy

Are you happy with the winner? 

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