'Big Brother 16': Brittany Martinez on Landslide Eviction and Not Playing Aggressively

The fourth evicted houseguest talks to THR following her exit from the game.
"Big Brother 16's" Brittany Martinez

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead from Thursday's live eviction episode of Big Brother.]

The fourth houseguest from Big Brother has been evicted.

Brittany Martinez, the 29-year-old mother of three from Long Beach, Calif., was the latest to get voted out of the house with a landslide 10-0 vote after failing to align with the people — namely Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore — who helped save her several weeks prior. It was that particular move the event coordinator, who found herself completing a punishment where she kicked 2,400 goals in under 24 hours, regrets most.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Martinez explains why she didn't align with Derrick and Cody, her thoughts on Devin's crush, who she believes is pulling the strings and what she'd do differently.

How would you describe your experience in the house?

It was definitely very emotional. Homesick and never a dull moment!

Looking back on your time there, is there anything you could have said or done to extend your stay?

I feel like people had already figured out what a strong competitor I was, and I was there to play my game without anyone able to manipulate me. So I think they had already made up their mind.

There was a real chance of you getting evicted a few weeks back, but several houseguests — namely Cody and Derrick — were crucial to you staying, yet you didn't move to align with them. Why?

I guess I was waiting for them to approach me about it. That is the one thing I wish I was more aggressive about and [that I] had made it clear that I wanted to align with them.

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Why do you think Cody wanted you out? Were you aware that he was contemplating putting Caleb up as a replacement?

I feel after Cody saved me the previous week, I think he was getting paranoid inside thinking I was still doubtful on how he was playing his game. So he put me up on impulse, but I hadn’t known that him and Derrick were actually trying to get me out. I had heard that Caleb was a possibility, but I never imagined Cody following through with it.

What did you make of Devin nominating you on the block, saving you and then admitting to having a crush?

Devin was all over the place. And he had so many highs and lows and ups and downs that you never knew what to expect with him. So that move was basically Devin’s personality.

Is there a move or a decision you regret?

I regret not moving quicker on forming an alliance. I didn’t realize that the game starts literally when you walk through the door.

If you were to enter the house again, who would be your No. 1 target and why?

If I entered the house again, I’d want to get rid of Zach. He is just obnoxious and is stirring things up, and he doesn’t need the money in the way other houseguests do.

What are your thoughts on Team America?

What’s Team America? Is that another alliance?

What piece of information about your houseguests most surprised you once you got out of the house?

That Derrick and Cody mainly wanted to get me out of the house. And the whole time I thought they were my closest friends in the house, trying to keep me safe.

Who do you think is in the best position in the house right now? Worst position?

Best position, I would have to say is Derrick. Worst position, Victoria.

What's next for you?

Looking back and giggling on the amazing experience I had with Big Brother and enjoying the summer with my family.

Big Brother next airs 8 p.m. Sunday on CBS.

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