'Big Brother 16': Caleb Reynolds on The Hitmen's Big Move and Derrick's Betrayal

Big Brother Still Sept 7 - H 2014
Lisette M. Azar/CBS

Big Brother Still Sept 7 - H 2014

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead from Wednesday's live eviction episode of Big Brother.]

The curtain came down for Beast Mode Cowboy.

Caleb Reynolds, the 26-year-old former military guy from Kentucky, saw his Big Brother game end in the Final 4 when The Hitmen, Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur, targeted him for eviction following Frankie Grande's departure the previous night. Reynolds, who started the season in a one-sided courtship with Amber Borzotra, was loyal to a fault, which may have cost him $500,000. In the end, the final Power of Veto winner, Calafiore, cast the sole vote to evict (and revealed the "secret" Hitmen alliance to the house), blindsiding Reynolds, who believed his Final 3 spot was all but guaranteed.

Because the nine-person jury has now begun, evicted houseguests will be answering questions via email for The Hollywood Reporter following their evictions. Questions can only be centered on conversations, alliances and events to which they were privy. In his exit interview for THR, Reynolds answers nine questions about his eviction, his reaction to The Hitmen reveal and going on that cruise with Borzotra.

In Cody’s speech, he revealed that he has been in an alliance with Derrick, The Hitmen, since week one. You seemed genuinely blindsided by the news. How surprised were you by that revelation and should you have trusted Derrick as much as you did?

I was a bit surprised. Honestly, I knew I was leaving so half of his speech I wasn’t even listening to. But I did hear that and was like, wow, because Derrick and I have had a Final 2 for a long time. So to hear he had another Final 2 just showed me where his loyalty really lies.
You had a Final 3 deal with Cody and Derrick, but obviously they decided not to stick with the pact. Who do you blame for your eviction and why?

I blame myself, because I didn’t ensure my safety with the POV win.
If Victoria was evicted last night and you won the final three-part HOH competition, who were you planning to take to the Final 2?


Who would you like to see in the Final 2 seats?

Derrick and Cody.
By putting Frankie on the block last week, which led to his eviction, you went back on your Final 2 deal with him. Why was getting him out so important when it seemed Frankie had your back?

You know, I wasn’t sure if he had my back 100 percent. You have two beasts in the house, and you have to think when you get that far in the game that either he will get you out first, or you will have to get him out first. I knew Derrick and Cody also wanted him out and I didn’t think Frankie would bring me to the end. 
Loyalty is a big factor in the game and there was some resignation to the fact that you were maybe too loyal. In hindsight, how could you have changed your approach?

Hindsight is 20/20. But, I wouldn’t change it for nothing, because at the end of the day, loyalty got me to the Final 4. 

What is one move or decision you wish you could do over?

I would say my only regret is not studying the game enough and winning that last POV.
What does the future hold for you and Amber?

Hahaha! You know, I don’t know. I really would like to get to know a lot more about her. She said she has something she would like to talk to me about. She said when the game is over, she will let me know if she is interested or not. She said she is not the type of girl who would get affectionate in front of the cameras. Hopefully a cruise with her will happen. She is a really good girl.

Biggest highlight this season?

I guess I would have to say getting my name “Beast Mode Cowboy” and becoming a character in the show.

Big Brother next airs 8 p.m. Friday and wraps with a 90-minute live finale 9:30 p.m. next Wednesday on CBS.

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