'Big Brother 16': Hayden Voss on Blindside Eviction and Alliance Betrayals

Big Brother Evictions Hayden - P 2014

Big Brother Evictions Hayden - P 2014

[WARNING: Spoilers from Thursday's live double eviction episode of Big Brother.]

How quickly things can change on Big Brother.

Hayden Voss, the 21-year-old pedicab driver living in Long Beach, Calif., was the victim of the season's first live (and dramatic) double eviction. After forming what he believed to be a strong alliance with Nicole Franzel, Cody Calafiore and Derrick Levasseur called The Rationale, Voss was caught on the losing side after their original plan to evict Zach Rance crumbled thanks to Calafiore and Levasseur flipping the script at the 11th hour to keep the numbers. Voss, who was shell-shocked after Jocasta Odom was evicted, became enemy No. 1 and found himself out the door by a 5-2 vote as the second member of the jury.

Because the nine-person jury has now begun, evicted houseguests will be answering questions via email for The Hollywood Reporter following their evictions Friday morning. And because the game hasn't officially ended — Julie Chen hinted a jury member may return to the game — questions will only be centered on conversations, alliances and events they were privy to. In his exit interview for THR, Voss answers 10 questions about his shocking ouster and what he thinks led up to it.

The original plan this week was to evict Zach. Why do you think the script changed?

Because I was being played. Derrick and Cody got me.

From where you stood, were you sticking with The Rationale alliance until the end?

From where I stood, yes. Not from where I stand now …

What was the rationale behind throwing Frankie and Christine under the bus during your eviction speech?

Just so everyone knew — but once again, looking back on it, I should have also thrown Derrick and Cody in there.

You received two votes. Who do you think voted to keep you in the house?

I know Donny was one and the other one is a toss-up. Maybe Victoria? But I have no idea why she would do that. Probably Zach but I don’t know. It doesn’t really matter. [Note: The other vote was Cody.]

Was there one move or decision you regret making, and how would you go about it differently?

Making that alliance [The Rationale]. I wouldn’t trust Derrick and Cody.

Was there anything you could have done or said to extend your stay inside the house?

I mean, I could have won that veto [in the double eviction]. That’s about all I could have done to save myself, otherwise I would be going home.

Julie hinted that there’s a chance you will be able to return to the game. Who would be your No. 1 target should that opportunity arise?

Derrick and Cody.

Now that you’re a member of the jury, how are you going to approach choosing the winner?

It depends on how it plays out. I’m not going to make any decisions in my head until it’s happening.

Who do you think is in the best/worst position in the house and why?

Caleb is in the best position because people are going to use him until they can get rid of him, but will forget to actually get rid of him. Donny is in the worst position because he’s pretty much soloed out with Nicole and he’s a bigger threat.

Lastly, you and Nicole were called the “Jeff and Jordan” of this season. How serious are you about continuing the romance once the game is over?

There’s potential for a future; it just might be a little difficult but we’ll see.

Big Brother next airs 8 p.m. Sunday on CBS.

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