'Big Brother' House Gets New Look for Season 16 (Exclusive Photos)

The Giant Tree

A 20-foot-tall tree sculpture made of steel and wood that spans both floors of the house is the focal point of this year's Big Brother house. Behind the tree and throughout the house is a branch motif, giving off the illusion that houseguests are living in a structure nestled in the sky.

STORY 'Big Brother' House Gets New Look for Season 16

Big Brother is nearly here.

In a little more than a week, CBS' summer reality staple kicks off its 16th cycle with a new crop of contestants entering the house, which they will call home for the better part of the summer — if they last that long. Last year's Big Brother abode, housed on a soundstage on the CBS Studio Center backlot, took on the theme of the 1964 World's Fair. This time, longtime production designer Scott Storey took to the sky for inspiration.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS 'Big Brother 16': First Look at the Brand-New House

"This year's theme is 'urban treehouse.' A note from the network was that they wanted it to feel urban, young and playful, and urban treehouse seemed like a perfect place to start," Storey tells The Hollywood Reporter, which debuts 15 exclusive images of the house.

Mixing "nature and civilization," Storey opted to stay true to the treehouse vibe, nixing any "ornamentation in the house for ornamentation's sake.

"We don't have frilly details. Everything's a lot more honest," he adds.

The color palette for the house, dominated by the green, is brighter and earthier — "more evocative of nature," Storey says.

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Big Brother will also kick off the new season fully in HD, meaning wider lenses with the ability to cover more area. Storey says that while it hasn't affected his design aesthetic ("I always design with HD in mind"), it has caused him to think more intuitively about how rooms look in relation to each other.

"It has impacted the shots and the amount of coverage we're getting. Our shots are a lot wider. We can see a lot more. We can shoot from one side to the other side of the house in a single shot, and we've never been able to do that before," he says.

What do you think of the new Big Brother house? For exclusive images of the new house, go here.

Big Brother debuts June 25 on CBS.

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