'Big Brother 16': First Houseguest Evicted

Big Brother Season 16 Cast - H 2014

Big Brother Season 16 Cast - H 2014

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead from Thursday's eviction episode of Big Brother]

Two weeks have passed since 16 new houseguests entered the house vying for the $500,000 grand prize. On Thursday, the first to get the Big Brother boot this season was revealed.

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Who got the unlucky title as the first evictee of season 16? It was between Joey Van Pelt, ironically the first of a three-member Team America alliance (as voted by viewers), and Paola "PaoPao" Shea, the New York DJ who counts using her fingers. Not surprisingly, Joey got the boot by a unanimous 13-0 vote.

Team America Twist Fizzles (and Hi, Alex)

Right off the bat, one of the Big Brother twists — Team America — which asks viewers to vote for each member of a three-person alliance is in jeopardy with Joey the main target after the Bomb Squad caught wind that she was attempting to form an all-girl alliance. Knowing she's in deep trouble, Joey starts to campaign for votes but things aren't going to be easy with some members (namely Devin) wanting a unanimous vote. Devin then makes the rounds to assure that the votes for Joey to leave are 13-0, which begins to rub the other houseguests the wrong way. Meanwhile, houseguests like Brittany believe Devin and Caleb are controlling the house. (She's right, for the most part.)

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In a desperate attempt to win over votes and to communicate to the other houseguests to vote for themselves, Joey creates an alter ego, "Alex" — complete with a bulge, five o'clock shadow and Hayden's clothes (a plaid shirt, orange beanie, khaki shorts). And based on how the houseguests reacted, it's likely Joey's unique plea for votes didn't quite pull off its intended effect.

Caleb's Heart Go Boom

Is Caleb a 13-year-old girl? An entire segment is dedicated to Caleb's infatuation with Amber, whom Caleb calls "my girl." Later, Caleb and Amber bond in the HOH and things are promising, with the two connecting over the Bible. But when Caleb tells her that he's noticed that she looks at him "a lot" — and that's when things get weird. While Amber admits in her Diary Room session that she probably won't ever return Caleb's feelings, there's an ounce of (delusional) hope on his end. "Did I make her day?" Awkward.

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The Vote Breakdown

Devin: Joey
Derrick: Joey
Frankie: Joey
Cody: Joey
Zach: Joey
Brittany: Joey
Nicole: Joey
Christine: Joey
Victoria: Joey
Jacosta: Joey
Hayden: Joey
Amber: Joey
Donny: Joey

In Joey's exit interview with Julie Chen, she admitted it was difficult being in the house. "People start getting quieter, secretive, clique-y. It's like going back to the insecurities of7th grade." Joey also criticized the houseguests lack of balls in making a big move (it is only Week 1, after all), saying she wished they would have done something to shake up the house (again, it's only Week 1).

Chen also asked about her strategy to confess about trying to form an all-girl alliance when houseguests usually deny. Joey's response: "I thought everybody knew about the all-girl alliance, so I said, 'Screw it!' It was comedic relief." After Joey found out that there were two women in the Bomb Squad, she correctly guessed Amber but believed Jacosta was in on the game. (The second member is Christine.)

New HOHs

In the Greek-themed HOH competition, "BB Rager," the women and men compete in separate competitions, which asks them to stack six kegs in front of the frat house.Houseguests not competing in the competition in the balcony can throw Frisbees.

The women compete first, with Brittany the first one eliminated from the competition. Who was crowned the first HOH of the week? Amber Borzotra.

The men compete second in the same setup and it's a battle between Hayden Voss and Cody Calafiore, with Cody squeaking out the win. But not so fast! The producers review the tapes and Cody's foot touched the ground before he hit the button, meaning it's Devin Shepherd is the new co-HOH. Chalk it up to the Big Brother gods for giving Devin, who really needed this, this win.

Team America

Who is the second ... sorry, first member of Team America? Donny Thompson. (Hey, at least Devin and Caleb's belief that Donny is a superspy is now accurate!)

Who do you think Amber and Devin will put up for eviction? Do you think Cody is better off not winning the co-HOH?

Big Brother next airs 8 p.m. Sunday on CBS.

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