'Big Brother 16': Nicole Franzel on the Lack of Power Moves and Derrick's Dan Game

The latest jury member talks to THR about getting evicted a second time
Courtesy of CBS
Nicole Franzel of "Big Brother 16"

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead from Thursday's live double eviction episode of Big Brother.]

It was deja vu all over again on Big Brother.

Nicole Franzel, the 22-year-old nursing school graduate from a small town in Michigan, won her way back into the game a few weeks earlier but would become an immediate target for the rest of the house, constantly on the block and named a Have Not for two straight weeks. Frustrated by the lack of big game moves all season, Franzel called out the houseguests in her outgoing speech to stop playing "Big Baby" and to start playing Big Brother. She was evicted for the second time this season by a 4-0 vote on Thursday.

Because the nine-person jury has now begun, evicted houseguests will be answering questions via email for The Hollywood Reporter following their evictions. Questions will only be centered on conversations, alliances and events to which they were privy. In her exit interview for THR, Franzel answers 10 questions about her second eviction, calling out the house for playing it safe and comparing Derrick to former winner Dan Gheesling.

Both times you were evicted, the decision seemed to be made early in the week. Why do you think that was the case?

It kinda seems like this entire season, everyone knows who is going home from the moment they are nominated. The house is very unified.

In your eviction speech, you called out the house for playing "Big Baby" and told them to start playing Big Brother. As we near the end of the season, nearly every eviction has been a unanimous vote. Why is the house afraid to shake things up?

I am frustrated they won’t shake things up, and wanted power so I could do that. No one was brave enough for stuff. No one wanted to stir things up and become a target, everyone is playing very safe.

You mentioned that there were some "good game players" left in the house. Who specifically were you referring to?

Derrick is a good game player. Socially he has a great game. Also, Frankie is a threat on every single level … socially, physically, he is a great game player.

Who were you going to put up if you survived eviction and won the next HOH?

Christine and Cody, easy.

Did your perspective on any particular houseguests change after entering the house a second time and if so, how?

Absolutely. Honestly, I think my perspective changed on everyone, especially Frankie. His true colors came out. I appreciated Victoria a lot more, hers changed for the better because she put the game on hold and was just a good person for trying to support me.

You had a noticeably tougher time this time around. How did you stay sane in the house?

I spent a lot of time by myself, to be honest. I couldn’t eat besides slop. Just talking to Derrick and Victoria I stayed sane, and I read my letters from my family a lot. And I had Donny for a week, which was good.

In a late-night in the Have Not room, you likened Derrick's game to that of Dan's. How truthful were you being?

Honestly, I think there was some truth to it because I know he has thrown some competitions trying to play the week player, and he is on everyone’s good side. Everyone likes him as much as they liked Dan during his game. As far as how strategic Dan was, I don’t know if Derrick could compare. But I think he is definitely playing Dan’s game.

Who do you hope was the second houseguest evicted last night?

Christine or Cody.

Last time you were evicted, you said Derrick was in the best position in the house. Is that still the case?

Honestly, yeah, I still feel like he is in the best position. He has never sat on the block and people see him as a week player when it comes to competitions, and everyone likes him a lot so I don’t see them putting him up even as a pawn.

Who is in the worst position now?

I’d say Frankie is in a tough position.

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