'Big Brother 16': Second Houseguest Evicted

Which houseguest got the boot this week: Paola Shea or Zach Rance? Plus, two new HOHs are crowned.
"Big Brother 16"

[WARNING: Spoilers ahead from Thursday's eviction episode of Big Brother]

A tumultuous week inside the Big Brother house is about to come to an end and for one houseguest, their game has come to an end.

Who was the latest houseguest to get evicted on season 16? Paola "PaoPao" Shea, a floater, or Zach Rance, put up by his own alliance member Devin Shepherd? By a vote of 10-2, Paola got the boot.

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The last episode of Big Brother left off on a cliffhanger, with a blowup between Brittany, Devin, Zach and Paola about to go down. Thursday's episode wastes no time picking up right where it left off. Brittany — whom Devin suddenly takes off the block via a secret deal — confronts Paola about throwing the Power of Veto competition, with Paola admitting that it was a mistake trusting Devin. "I'd rather throw my head on the toilet bowl than stay with you another week," Paola tells Devin in front of the house. When Devin laughs it off, Paola makes a dig at his declarations of integrity and playing an honest game for his daughter: "She's going to laugh at you! You're getting called out right now!"

Zach joins in on the fun, telling everyone point-blank, "There's no chance in hell I'm going home." You don't see that every day. But did it pay off? Cody, a Bomb Squad member and one of Zach's closest allies, is unhappy about Devin's decision. They did all decide to stick together and not put up an alliance member until it came time.

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Zach throws Frankie under the bus and "Zankie" have a deep conversation about why Frankie's game is suddenly falling apart. Zach's apology to Frankie was sincere. Paola and Zach have a confrontation in front of the entire house, but he's not exactly making it easy for the votes.

Devin and Caleb are still sure that the Bomb Squad is a thing now that Zach is officially gone. Who do they recruit (after Devin stupidly reveals the original eight members)? Hayden, who seems hesitant at first to join. Though Hayden agrees to Devin's face that he'll be on the Squad, Hayden's directive is to actually blow it up himself.

Major Damage Control

Team America members Donny, Derrick and Frankie figure out their plan of attack, weighing the pros and cons of voting Paola or Zach out — ultimately deciding to keep Zach around for at least another week. Derrick, with the impossible task of persuading Caleb, successfully accomplishes his task. (Live-feeders will know that Derrick and Cody did the majority of the work to maintain Zach's safety.)

And when Frankie breaks the news to Devin, that's when the outgoing Head of Household takes himself out of the now nine-member Bomb Squad. "I'm not in the Squad no more bro. This is a solo game from me from now on," Devin declares. His new strategy? Winning every competition and picking the other houseguests off one by one. Good luck with that.

The Vote Breakdown

Before the live vote, host Julie Chen asks Devin rates his HOH reign from a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best. Devin rates it mediocre a 4.5. "You have five different personalities, and they all suck," Paola says in reference to Devin in her final speech to the house.

Jocasta: Zach
Brittany: Paola
Derrick: Paola
Donny: Zach
Caleb: Paola
Amber: Paola
Hayden: Paola
Cody: Paola
Frankie: Paola
Nicole: Paola
Christine: Paola
Victoria: Paola

When Chen asked Paola what cost her the game, she first put blame on Devin in her exit interview: "I can't stand that guy! His game sucks. He made a lot of deals with everybody." But when Chen brought up Paola's deal with Devin and questioned why she would risk her game in that way, the New York DJ had no answer: "Honestly I have no idea, Julie. When I was doing the [Battle of the Block], half of me was trying to throw it and half of me was not trying to." Who is Paola rooting for now? Jocasta and Donny, whom she calls her best friend in the house. "Who knew I'd be best friends with a 42-year-old bearded man?"

New HOHs

In a new competition "Underwater Polo," the houseguests must hit a polo ball down the board and into a numbered slot. The two houseguests who get their balls in the highest slots crowned the new HOHs.

The two HOHs are Nicole, who got the highest score possible (29), and the last competitor Derrick, who got the second highest score possible (28). Drama!

Who do you want Derrick and Nicole to put up on the block? What do you think about the trackers the houseguests must wear and how will it impact the game? Do you think it's best that the Bomb Squad is over?

Big Brother next airs 8 p.m. Sunday on CBS.

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