'Big Brother 16': Paola Shea on Her Biggest Regret, Horrible Deals and Showmances

The second evicted houseguest of the season talks to THR about why teaming with Devin cost her the game.
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Paola Shea from "Big Brother 16"

[WARNING: Spoilers from Thursday's eviction episode of Big Brother]

The second evicted Big Brother houseguest has huge regrets.

Paola "PaoPao" Shea, the 27-year-old DJ from Astoria, N.Y., was voted out of the house July 10 with a 10-2 vote — the sole votes in her favor being Jocasta Odom and Donny Thompson. Shea became the easy scapegoat, but it was a questionable deal she accepted with Devin Shepherd in exchange for safety, that ultimately sealed her fate.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Shea discusses the biggest mistake she made in the game, showmances and why she wishes she could take back her ill-fated deal with Devin.

How would you have approached your game differently?

I definitely tried to play the weak-played card, which I knew wasn't going to work out because everybody wanted Devin out. I wished I campaigned more but at this point, it was really hard to campaign because I knew what the house wanted and I knew they wanted to keep a stronger competitor. I think they would have kept me because I'm not a threat. When I was talking to Christine and a bunch of people, it was best for them to keep Zach because he was a tougher competitor and he could win HOHs and take Devin out. People probably chose to keep him there because Zach was going to be a target and not them. But I definitely wished I lied more and made deals with people, but it's hard when you're seen as the weakest player.

Do you think there was anything you could have done to change your houseguests' perception of you because that does play into it?

My biggest regret was I never should've taken that deal with Devin and should've told him to screw it. If I did that, I think people would have been like, "Oh wow, she had the guts to do that." And I think that was my biggest mistake. Now if they thought Devin and I made a deal, then she's easily influenced. It's just crazy! I'm still taking it all in.

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Was there ever any thought of completely going against the deal with Devin?

I definitely thought about that. At the beginning of the Battle of the Block, I wanted to throw the competition and in the middle of the game, I had a change of heart. I think that either way, no matter what I did, I would have been safe, but I wish that I didn't make that deal. If Brittany and I won, we would have been safe but I was so confident that I wasn't going to go home and that was my biggest mistake. That's why I'm here now.

Was there something you could have said or a piece of information you could have used to sway votes your way against Zach?

I honestly did not have a lot of information because I didn't know if Zach was making deals with Devin. After finding out about the Bomb Squad, I wish I knew about that, but again, everyone was in the freaking Bomb Squad except for like four people. I probably wouldn't have gotten enough votes regardless. Once Zach started campaigning and seeing people's faces and kind of ignoring me and being sketchy, I knew they wanted to keep Zach. I wish I had more information because I would've used it against him. The only thing I was using was him talking to Victoria a certain way and I was telling the girls, "Why would you want someone who degrades women?" But then again it's a game, so maybe it was too personal.

Walk me through that explosive veto meeting. What was the mood afterward?

It was definitely insanity. Zach's speech went on for three minutes — he didn't even stop until later. I was going off on Devin and I think Zach was happy I was going off on Devin. I think he was like, "Well, she's going off on Devin so I'm going to go off on Devin." Right after that meeting, Zach got into a fight for 10 minutes outside. Even though the veto meeting was over, me and Zach were still going at it. I think everybody was just so shocked because nobody thought it was going to happen that way.

Had you stayed in the house, who would you have aligned with?

Before knowing that Derrick was a cop, I was going to try to align with him, but now I definitely was getting close to Caleb and Amber, who was my first friend in the house. If Devin wasn't crazy, I would've aligned with Devin, Caleb, Amber, Donny and Jocasta. Maybe Frankie.

Surprised that Frankie is Ariana Grande's brother?

I am really shocked. I had no idea whatsoever. I knew Frankie was in the entertainment business and I am too so I would've thought — knowing so many people — that I could read him. But I guess now. That's a crazy, crazy twist.

If you were to go into the house again, who would be your No. 1 target?

Oh Devin, for sure. My targets would be Devin, and then Cody, and then Derrick. Cody is definitely a threat — me and Cody were not really close. Derrick, I tried to get close with but that didn't work out but now that I know he's a cop that's out there. This is the honest truth: I want everybody to go except Donny and Jocasta. (Laughs.)

Who do you think is in the worst position and the best position in the house?

I think that Devin and Brittany are in the worst positions right now. And the people who are in the best position are Frankie and Christine probably. Frankie's social game is on-point. He's good and he's also a competitor. Christine knows the game very well so she knows how to play it. I would love to say Donny but I think he's also a target now, and Jocasta is definitely a target [because they voted against the house].

Several houseguests are on to Frankie's game and have him on their radar, so it's interesting you believe he's in the best position.

He's definitely a flip-flopper for sure.

Early on you had your eye on Cody, but that quickly fizzled. Who do you think will have a showmance this season?

I honestly think Brittany and Devin, even though he put her up for eviction. Amber and Caleb are definitely not going to work because Amber doesn't like him [like that] and he is such an idiot — I can't believe he still thinks he has a shot. Amber and I were close so Amber tells me everything. Maybe Cody and Amber? But what I think is going to happen is Cody might end up liking Amber or Amber might end up liking Cody and Caleb's going to go after Cody. [For] me, I didn't care, it could've been Cody or Zach, I would've been happy. (Laughs.)

On the feeds last night, Cody and Amber seemed to be playing up their "flirtmance" or whatever it is they're calling it. And of course, Caleb was watching from afar, which prompted Caleb to air his frustrations. (Note: This was shown on Thursday evening's live feed.)

I have to watch that! Knowing Amber, Amber usually goes for guys like Devin but obviously she can't stand Devin so if Cody and Amber end up having a showmance, I would be really surprised because Cody is not Amber's type. I know for a fact — we all know — that Caleb isn't her type. I would be really surprised if that happened.

Cody's mentioned that part of his strategy is to flirt with all the girls.

I caught up on that quick.

What's next for you?

I definitely want to go back to DJing. I miss it a lot. Hopefully I can produce a song that I promised everyone in the house I would do for them. In the second veto competition, I spelt my word, "Caltoru," and I have no idea how I came up with that word and everybody's laughing and making fun of it. They all said, "Hey, you have to produce a song called 'Caltoru' and everybody needs to be in the music video." With me loving Big Brother, I definitely think that's my next move and Hayden is going to be the star.

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