'Big Brother 17': A Player Chooses His Honey Over the Money

Big Brother S17 Sixth Eviction Still 4 - H 2015
Courtesy of CBS

Big Brother S17 Sixth Eviction Still 4 - H 2015

"The hunters have become the hunted," says host Julie Chen of showmance Shelli and Clay. The couple hit it off on night one in the Big Brother house and since have helped orchestrate the past four evictions.

Now, by the hands of the daring James, the two are stuck on the nomination block with one of them exiting the game for good. The couple is being split up before the jury house, meaning they will spend at least two months apart. Grab a tissue because between the two southern natives, there were a lot of tears in the latest episode.

Here are the stand out moments from the night that broke up this season's power couple:

Team Heart Murmurs' Honeymoon. When Shelli and Clay gave each other a hug goodbye, audiences could hear the pair's hearts beating a mile a minute. The two bonded over their heart murmurs on night one and now, with their microphones butting heads, fans could hear them too. Sadly one heart was sent beating out the door. After a unanimous vote, Clay sacrificed his game for Shelli. Before the vote he told the houseguests, "I'm asking you not to vote for me, but vote for her to stay." Easy decision for Vanessa who says, "If someone doesn't want to be here in my book it's easier." "And then there were two," Clay tells Shelli before their first make-out session of the summer. After Liz interrupts and an eviction filled with the waterworks, then there was really just one. Shelli is left in the game at a chance for the half million dollars. And what's more important than the money? Well, apparently for Clay, she is.  

That's a big word. Fans were introduced to Mr. Mumbles (Clay) on Sunday night's episode and now they learn a four letter word is big for the college athlete. Well, maybe just this four letter word: "You must really love her to walk away from a shot at half a million dollars," Chen says to Clay. She then asks him, "Do you love her?" "That's a big word," he says. This is the second time another player has given up their game for their showmance. In season 12, Brendon sacrificed his own game for his fiancee Rachel. But look at the key word there: fiancee. The two were engaged. Clay and Shelli have only known each other for 50 days and are more than ten years apart. Geography isn't on their side as Clay lives in Texas and Shelli lives in Georgia. And they both got a tipsy Meg standing in their way ...

From a race to a battle. The punished knight for the week, Jackie is on to something. The former Amazing Race contestant points out Vanessa's gaming to James. This points in the direction of getting the professional poker player out next. "This girl is definitely going to battle. It is time for war," says Jackie. Many fans have pegged Vanessa as the winner this season, but with her strategy blown up at the season's half way point, it looks like her game is about to fold. 

Team James. "He owes them nothing," says last season's runner-up Cody Calafiore about James nominating Clay and Shelli and breaking his word. Last season's winner Derrick Levasseur is also rooting for the Asian hillbilly after this weeks power move. "The Hitmen" alliance from last season was reunited, showing fans that no matter what their bond could not be broken. Even if Derrick beat out Cody in the end for half a million dollars. No bad blood there though, as the two join together with their families for a barbecue, bringing back old memories from the game, and a shirtless Cody too. 

Were you excited to see "The Hitmen" reunited? Are you rooting for James? Do Shelli and Clay have a shot in the real world? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother.

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