'Big Brother 17': Third Juror Talks About Being in Too Much Pain to Campaign

THR talks to the ninth evicted houseguest of the summer.
Courtesy of CBS

She survived getting hit in the face with a train, so it's a surprise that it came down to a toe injury that made it too painful for Becky to campaign. If this season's houseguests used her injury to their advantage, her game would have stayed on the rails. 

She does have a shot next week though to get back in the game. Will she and Johnny Mac make it to the end if she gets back in, and is there any romance between the two? Who will definitely not have the third juror's vote if she's stuck in the jury house? Here Becky tells The Hollywood Reporter about never getting flashbacks after her train accident, and if there will be any drama down the road without this season's biggest personalities Audrey, Da'Vonne and Jace left in the game. 

(Disclosure: Because the nine-person jury is underway, houseguests will now answer questions via email from THR. It's stipulated that questions cannot in any way be a potential interference to the game and are required to be approved by production before given to the houseguests.)

What was going through your head when you had the train accident, as well as days after?

You just have to wonder if your brain is going to be ok and function as it should, taking it one step at a time.  I’m a person that likes steps and routine, so I just needed to follow this one through.

Do you still get flashbacks of the accident and did you get any in the house?

No, not at all.  Never have.

You won $10,000 in prizes. Will that all go towards medical bills? What else will you put it towards?

I had to use my savings to pay for my medical bills so this will help me to not live paycheck to paycheck.

Without Jace, Audrey and Da'Vonne do you still predict any big fights or drama in the final weeks of the game?

Potentially because the stakes get higher as the prize money gets closer.

Who out of the remaining houseguests, if they are in the final two, will definitely NOT have your vote as a juror?

I wouldn’t say as of now anyone wouldn’t have my vote.  Except for Julia.  Liz seems like she’s there to play, Julia seems like she’s just there for the twist.  Liz’s head is in the game, whereas Julia is in the back painting her nails.

What was you and Johnny Mac's relationship really like? Any possibility of romance outside of the game?

He reminds me of my best friend back home.  He’s really quiet but has a really random sense of humor.  But no possibility of romance outside of the game.

You injured your toe. Did you campaign to the houseguests to keep you because you can't compete as hard now?

The pain was bad enough that any form of campaigning became very difficult since the recovery time was unknown.

Do you think because you weren't an original superfan it hurt your game anyway? [Editor's Note: Becky was recruited to be on the show after being discovered on the dating app, Tinder] 

It’s hard to tell, but I did watch six full seasons before coming onto the show, and studying it as if I were playing.  I had a good idea of the game and the type of player I wanted to be.

Do you think the rest of the season will be boring without Jace, Audrey, and Da'Vonne? Who is most likely to get into a fight? Were you surprised there will be no romance for her and Johnny Mac? Sound off in the comments below and take THR's poll to vote on who has the best shot at winning the game

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