'Big Brother 17': Does Audrey Show Up to the Fourth Live Eviction?

Big Brother Eviction 4 Split - H 2015

Big Brother Eviction 4 Split - H 2015

"Will she show up to tonight's live eviction?" asked host Julie Chen at the jump of Big Brother's fourth live eviction this season. Who is she talking about? Audrey, of course. The Georgia native made Big Brother history by skipping the "Power of Veto" ceremony where she was nominated. 

Before the veto meeting, earlier this week on the live feeds super fans noticed a troubled Audrey spend over five hours in the diary room. This caused both the Twittersphere and the houseguests to question whether or not Audrey was quitting the game. "I have no issues with Audrey as a person, I might if she walks. There are so many thousands of people who would give anything to be here," says Steve

Well did she show up for the live eviction? See below for tonight's top moments: 

She's alive! Audrey stunned the house when she came back from the diary room after being in there for over five hours. "I swear to God I feel like I have just seen a ghost," says Julia when Audrey returns to the house. James then made and delivered a nice omelet to the unresponsive Audrey. This "Asian hill billy" has class! Without saying thank you, Audrey ate the omelet even though she is a "Have Not" this week and restricted to slop. Although kind with eggs and cooking, James didn't throw her a sympathy vote even though the two could have — and should have —worked together in this game. Since Audrey didn't follow "Have Not" rules for the week she received a penalty vote. That one vote added to a near unanimous vote, sending Audrey out the door. She left with class, humor and style though. Props. 

Family support. This was a sentimental moment for the show and although Audrey had caused a lot of trouble in the Big Brother house, fans can't help but recognize her courage in the game. "I've always liked the name Audrey," said Audrey's mom. "It's your typical mother-daughter relationship," she adds. In a montage of Audrey talking about being the first transgender houseguest to play the game, she told Steve, "I don't like that word [transgender]. I like the word female." Said her father of his daughter's experience on the show, "She's completed one of the many dreams she's set out to accomplish." Audrey did end up getting evicted, but she went out with class. "It's a scary thing to come out," Audrey told Chen. "It was a spectacle moment in my life that I'll always remember and get to re-watch." Did she want to watch her goodbye messages though? "Not really," she laughs. 

Clay is jealous of The Whackstreet Boys. Did anyone else catch Clay being jealous? While other houseguests sat clapping and cheering on the dressed-in-white Whackstreet Boys, Clay sat there with a grin on his face, looking a little jealous of the parody boy band. The jealousy could have heightened after the real Backstreet Boys tweeted about their Big Brother counterpart, cheering on John, Jason and Liz/Julia. The houseguests loved them too. "I can't break up the band; I got to evict Audrey," said Becky

No more "BB Takeover"? For the past two weeks, the show has been without a "BB Takeover" — one that was promised to the houseguests to happen every single week. In the Head of Household competition, though, Jackie came to play, taking out Becky early on in the game. She then took out Meg, increasing her chances of winning head of household for the week. When James guess-hit the buzzer before the song even played, Jackie was crowned the first HoH of the week. With her the other HoH was Vanessa with her second win of the summer. 

It's Britney, bitch. No, not Britney Spears — even though it was 90s week. (They spell their names the same though.) It's season 12 and 14's fan favorite Britney Haynes. Her favorites this season? "Obviously I love Jason, I think we could have been the twin twist. Who doesn't love Johnny Mac right now? Is he human?" Who she thinks will win? "I think Vanessa has a great shot," she told Chen. She also admitted that a floater could get to the end, "Jackie's HoH right now, I was like who?" 

What did you think of Britney's return to the game? Were you mad she wasn't part of a "BB Takeover"? Do you think Audrey will return to the game for All Stars? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother.

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