'Big Brother 17': Seventh Evictee Laughs at Night One Alliance

Shell Poole, Big Brother Eviction Still - H 2015

Shell Poole, Big Brother Eviction Still - H 2015

Before she entered the house for season 17 of CBS' Big Brother, Shelli told The Hollywood Reporter, "I don't want too much power too soon."

Looks like her strategy changed at some point, because she wound up dominating the game. By having a showmance with Clay from night one, it was easy for her to be targeted, yet she and Vanessa traded off as Head of Household and kept their "Sixth Sense" alliance safe. With both women on the block in Thursday night's eviction, it looks like the other houseguests decided Shelli was the bigger threat. Still, she was all smiles and laughs when she met host Julie Chen. Is she hopeful that she'll return to the game in another juror twist? The Georgia native and oldest contestant this season (33) tells The Hollywood Reporter about her best shot of getting back in the game, and laughs off that alliance she made with Audrey and Da'Vonne

(Disclosure: Because the nine-person jury is underway, houseguests will now answer questions via email from THR. It's stipulated that questions cannot in any way be a potential interference to the game and are required to be approved by production before given to the houseguests.)

If you had gone home last week and Clay had stayed, do you think he would have been targeted as much as you were?

Probably not. I think he would have still been put on the block. However, Clay may have been able to sway those three votes [Meg, Jackie and James] because of his "bro" relationship with James. 

You're now in the jury house, and Clay is outside in the real world. Do you expect him to stay faithful to the showmance you had?

Do I "expect" him? I don’t think that’s the correct word. Of course I hope he does because I know that our feelings are real. I’m not naive to not think that things could change outside of the house for him, because, I mean, look at him. However, after the finale things can easily pick up where we left off. My heart will definitely still be there for him.

If you are able to return to the game by battling against other jury members, which houseguests do you think you'll have the best shot at beating?

Austin and the twins — and Meg.

Right now, which houseguests will you not even consider voting for if they make it to the finale?

If things go the way the game has been played thus far, I would not give my vote to Austin. He has not won competitions, he has not worked strategy, he has gone on week to week with whatever the HOH wants to stay safe. He has leaned on the twins and used them as a shield. But I still love ya, Austin!

Before you entered the game, you told us you would play like Monica from Friends. Do you think you played like Monica would have, and is Clay your Chandler? (Keep in mind the couple went on to have twins.)

Oh my God! (Laughs.) I think I channeled my inner Monica. Maybe I was a little less pushy [in my campaigning] where I could have been a little more fiery, but overall I feel proud of the game I played. Clay was my Chandler in the sense that he allowed me in the driver’s seat 😉 But he’s way more manly than Chandler ever was!

Who from the prejury evicted houseguests besides Clay do you wish could be in the jury house with you and why?

Hands down, Jason. I fell in love with Jason the second he walked into the Big Brother house and I have missed him ever since he left. He’s hilarious, spunky and sweet as pie. I just love him. 

You, Audrey and Da'Vonne started the first alliance of the summer on night one, yet you evicted both of them. Do you think if you stuck to that alliance you would still be playing the game? 

Ha! What alliance?! Seriously, that was such a joke ... we had literally just walked into the house and hadn’t even met the other houseguests! Also, 24 hours later, Da’Vonne was choosing someone else to save over Audrey or myself. I didn’t have a chance to "stick to the alliance" because they turned on it first. 

Big Brother has had two weddings — Rachel and Brendon, Daniele and Dominic — plus an engagement with Jeff and Jordan. Given your and Clay's age difference, will there still be wedding bells in your future?

I don’t think either of us are rushing down any aisles. But I’m not surprised that Big Brother relationships have lasted outside of the house because it’s such an intense, growing environment to share with someone. That being said, we’ll just have to let the real world show us what that age difference really means.  

Were you hoping Shelli's alliance with Da'Vonne and Audrey would stick? Will Clay and Shelli's relationship survive outside the game? What do you think about Shelli admitting to being in the driver's seat in the relationship? Chat about it in the comments below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother.
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