'Big Brother 17': Beast Mode, Baby On Board and A Houseguest Bounces to Jury

Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas return to the game with some exciting news before the final three is determined.
Courtesy of CBS

"Vanessa is left to do damage control and plot her path to the final three," says host Julie Chen about last night's blindside eviction. "I am just banking on the fact that she doesn't totally hate me," Vanessa says about trying to patch the pieces with Liz after sending the twin's boyfriend out the door.


Liz realizes she's alone in the game and Vanessa may be all she's got. The Miami twin's fate is in the professional poker player's hands has Vanessa has to decide which houseguest to evict and who to face off against in the final three. 

Here are the biggest moments from the night that gave the professional poker player all the power: 

Hats off, shoes off. Julia questions the correct way to say the common phrase "hats off" right before her potential, future brother-in-law walks in the jury house. It's shoes off for him as he makes the trek into jury, barefoot. Before he entered the jury house Shelli said,  "Five deserving winners I absolutely agree." The other jury members seemed to agree that it could be anyone's game. After Austin entered the jury though tempers flare as Austin's bitterness battled Shelli's respect for Vanessa's game. "She said it with no mercy," James said about Vanessa evicting Austin. "You cannot deny what an amazing game she has played," Shelli defends Vanessa. "I can tell you a million reasons why it was flawed," argued Austin. He may taint the jury, but it still seems like one thing is for certain and that is each remaining player has an equal shot of winning the half million dollar prize.

Big Brother baby. The first showmance of the series to get married, is now the first to spawn a Big Brother baby. Rachel Reilly and husband Brendon Villegas (Seasons 12, 13) stopped by to announce their big baby news. They also weighed in on this season: "There are no floaters at the end, it's really interesting," Rachel told Chen. And on Liz and Austin's survival outside of the game? "I think Austin is going to give it a shot and as long as Liz doesn't get caught in the after BB world. I'm rooting for Liztin!" Rachel said right before the married couples big news: "No one comes in between me and my man, except a Brenchel baby!"


Beast mode ninja. "You are the hottest ninja ever!" Liz tells Caleb Reynolds who came in fourth place last season. The players play the "Martial Smarts" veto competition and one player's plan backfired. Steve said in the diary room, "I can win this thing, use it on Johnny and send Vanessa out the door," but the professional poker player wound up victorious, winning the veto and sending Johnny Mac out the door.  

Second time is not a charm. Once evicted, always evicted as Johnny Mac proves that a second chance back in the game does not help anyone's chances of actually winning. "If they came to hear me beg, they will be disappointed," Johnny Mac tells the houseguests in his eviction speech. "No I would have evicted her!" Johnny Mac told Chen with laughter about evicting Vanessa if he had the chance tonight. While he was not able to evict the Vegas resident or win the game he still does have a shot at "America's Favorite Houseguest" and $25,000. But will he win? "Do you live your life like this outside the house?" Chen asked him about his hyper behavior inside and outside the game. Will his unique personality help write him the check for $25,000? Fans will find out the answer as the new Big Brother winner is crowned on September 23 at 9:30 pm on CBS.

Who will win "America's Favorite Houseguest? Who has your vote? Which houseguest will win part one of the HoH competition? Sound off in the comments section below and check back in tomorrow for Johnny Mac's eviction interview.