'Big Brother 17': Fourth Evictee Talks Breaking the Rules, Caitlyn Jenner and Making History

Big Brother, Live Eviction 4, Audry Middleton - H 2015

Big Brother, Live Eviction 4, Audry Middleton - H 2015

After 17 seasons, Big Brother made history this year with it's first transgender houseguest, Audrey Middleton.

Now the fourth evicted houseguest of the season, Middleton believes she left her mark on the game in many ways. "I made a lot of history. I didn't show up for the veto ceremony, I was the first transgender person," Audrey tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Am I the first one to get yelled at on day four?" She might be. Her playing too hard, too fast eventually caught up to her and ended the super fan's game. The day after getting the boot, Audrey spoke with THR about sharing her story with the world, possibly returning to the game and why she wasn't able to "shake the stupid" out of James.

First, how was that omelet James made you?

(Laughs). Honestly, it didn’t taste very good and I didn’t eat the whole thing. I only took a couple of bites. 

You wanted to align with James. Why do you think it didn’t work out?

I tried so hard to shake the stupid out of James, and I just couldn’t get it out of him. Clay crammed it deep down his throat. For whatever reason, he just didn’t want to trust me and you can’t control certain things like that. My reputation didn't really help. Just before I got evicted, I pulled him into the hammock room one last time and said, "Look, I have nothing to lose or gain by telling you this. I'm genuinely on your side, I'm trying to help you. These people are in an alliance. Off with their heads!" 

He seems to be an outsider right now. Do you think he has a shot?

I don't know if he thinks he's an outsider or not. He seemed to really trust Clay. I don't understand why people trust Clay. I feel like I saw through the charm. I was charmed for a minute, but then I saw another side to him after my first downfall and I never let go of that sight and then it just became more and more clear as time went on.

When do you think Shelli and Clay will be targeted?

I hope soon, says the bitter side of me. I obviously am over it now and want to be friends with Shelli after this, but Clay needs to get a taste of his own medicine. I don't know if he will though because everyone is so overdosed by his medicine that he's been spoon feeding them for so long that I don't know if we'll get to see the day. Maybe somebody will be brave enough. 

You got a penalty vote for breaking the "Have Not" rules. Why did you break them?

It all started with Becky. My suspicion was maybe she was setting me up and she offered me pizza, and maybe that was her strategy and it worked. I ate the pizza and then she brought apples and crackers, and I ate them too. 

You were in the diary room for over five hours. What actually happened? Did you think about quitting the game?

In the house, you have very limited privacy The diary room is the one spot to have a safe haven. It is the one place you could be alone. I knew I was going home, I knew I was getting evicted and I knew that was the one place I could go and quietly mourn over my own death in the game. Honestly, that's all I did. I got out all my stress and would go in there when I needed to. I could only stay in the "Have Not" room for so long — people kept bringing me food!

Would you return to the game for All Stars?

Will I be asked? I don't know. Would I do it? Hell yes! Absolutely. Who is going to bring a better s-h-i-t storm than me? Come on. 

You made history this season by being the first transgender houseguest. Do you think that Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox, Transparent on Amazon paved the way for you to be on this season?

I was a super fan before I applied way back in December before I think any of the Caitlyn Jenner stuff came out. I don't think CBS was biased, or like, 'Hey, now the transgender thing is popular, we should jump onto that.' I think I brought a really unique perspective and it was coincidental timing. I believe in life, things are synchronized and I was meant to take the stage and back Caitlyn up in my own way!

Do you watch Transparent?

I haven't been aware of it yet. I'm very limited to what I watch, but now I will look into that.

Will you be watching 'I Am Cait'?

For sure. I definitely want to check into that. 

Caityln Jenner is using her celebrity to educate the world about transgender issues. Do you think Big Brother gave you the appropriate platform to share your story? And how will you continue to share that story?

If anything — even if I have a fraction of an influence — I hope that I exemplified the courage to come out on any platform, no matter what the size is. I proved the courage to myself and I'm hoping I exemplify the willingness to do that. I hope that I helped. 

On press day before you entered the game, you were pulled away from interviews because TMZ broke news that you were Big Brother's first transgender houseguest. What was that experience like?

It was laughable because you always hear of stories breaking out about celebrities. I was disappointed because I didn't get to finish press day and there were people I wanted to meet like Rachel Reilly, and I wanted to go through the whole experience. 

You told Steve you don’t like the word 'transgender.' You like the word 'female.' Do you think there will be a time where there are no more labels?

I really hope so. As humans we use labels just to identify things. Labels are just data to us and sometimes labels aren't meant to be prejudiced, but sometimes they can be turned into that, I guess you could say. I believe in humanity. I believe in one day, I have a dream! One day there will be an existence where labels are obsolete and we just are who we are.

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