'Big Brother 17': Sixth Juror Talks Liz and Austin Outlasting Shelli and Clay

Big Brother 1 - H 2015
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She came in as Liz, left as Julia and is now the sixth juror of Big Brother season 17.

This season brought back two old twists from seasons past. One was the "Battle of the Block," first introduced last season, and the other was the "Twin Twist" that fans first witnessed in season five. The difference this season? After both twins entered the game, they were able to survive seven evictions. Even with Julia on the block last week, the houseguests still didn't take a shot at the womb-mates from Miami.

Both twins could not escape the block this week, and although Julia walked out the front door, they still left their mark on the game by convincing the other houseguests to keep in the stronger twin, who still has a shot at the half million dollar prize. A day after her eviction, the first evicted twin talks to The Hollywood Reporter about her run in the Big Brother house and whether Liz and Austin will outlast Shelli and Clay

(Disclosure: Because the nine-person jury is underway, houseguests will now answer questions via email from THR. It's stipulated that questions cannot in any way be a potential interference to the game and are required to be approved by production before given to the houseguests.)

The houseguests caught on that you and Liz were twins, why don't you think they ever targeted you earlier on?

After we told some of the houseguests, we then had people looking out for us.  I think our alliance wanted to use us as an asset that would help their games because we brought an additional number.

Liz had a showmance with Austin. Out of all the houseguests, was there anyone you wanted a showmance with?

No, I didn’t have a connection with anyone on that level. 

You said in the house that a girl like you would never date a guy like Steve. What did you mean by that?

He’s younger than me and I tend to date older, more mature guys. 

What do you think about Austin leaving his girlfriend for Liz?

I was definitely skeptical about him in the beginning because he came into the house having a girlfriend.  However, once he started to like Liz, his story kind of changed.  We’ll never know the entire truth until we get out of the house, but he officially asked my sister to be his girlfriend so it looks like his mind is made up. 

Austin said he's coming for Christmas dinner. What makes him someone that your parents will approve of for your sister?

He’s a nice guy, has his master’s degree, had a successful career and has many great things going for him.  However, my parents do not like tattoos and so I’m interested in hearing what they have to say about his eccentric body art. 

There were two big showmances this season. Out of Liz and Austin and Shelli and Clay who has the best shot at staying together? Why?

By a landslide, Austin and Liz!! Not to sound mean, but there is too much of an age difference with Shelli and Clay, and I think they are at different points in their lives right now.  

In the beginning of the game, what was the hardest part about switching back and forth with Liz for the twin twist?

The most challenging part was knowing the right information in such a short amount of time.  There were a lot of smaller details we didn’t always go over.  We always spent too much time talking about the game and alliances.  Not being able to be my true self and having to act like Liz was also hard. 

You and Liz took over the game as the Twin Twist, what do you hope to take over next when the show is over?

Amazing Race, obviously!! đŸ™‚ Also, we’d love to start our own business since we make a great team.  I believe we will be successful in whatever we decide to do!

Will Liz and Austin outlast Shelli and Clay? Do you want to see the twins on The Amazing Race? Do you think the houseguests should have targeted the twins sooner? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother

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