'Big Brother 17': Fourth Juror Talks Throwing Competitions and Who Won't Get Her Vote to Win

Big Brother Meg - H 2015
Courtesy of CBS

She may have not have been able to win the competition, but New Jersey native Meg won the heart of her best friend, James. Although there's no romance between the two, a friendship grew after close to 80 days living together in the Big Brother house. Fittingly, it was both Meg and James who got the boot on Thursday's episode of the reality series.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter the day after her eviction, Meg reveals who's not getting her vote in the final two and if she threw any competitions along the way.

(Disclosure: Because the nine-person jury is underway, houseguests will now answer the questions via email from THR. It's stipulated that questions cannot in any way be a potential interference to the game and are required to be approved by production before given to the houseguests.)

What was it about the competitions that left you with only one “Battle of the Block” win this season?

Hahahaha! I’m not one to boast about my athleticism so I knew competitions were not going to be my strongest suit. Also, you don’t expect how nerve-wracking it’s going to be out there since everything is on the line.

Throwing competitions has been used as strategy in the show’s history. Did you throw any of the competitions or did you lose fair and square?

The only competition that I threw was High Maintenance. The rest, sadly, I lost fair and square. I would like to point out that I did not come in last place except in two competitions.

What did you think of Liz’s “Zing” from Zingbot

Way to go Zingbot for going there! There was a big giant elephant in the room ever since Austin’s "gf" disappeared.

There was a moment where you seemed flirty with Clay. Had Shelli gotten evicted before him, would you have pursued a romantic relationship with him?

Nooooo! Clay is definitely one of my dudes. Love you Clay, but he’s a little too pretty boy for me.

Who will you not vote for in the final two?

Vanessa and Steve.

Who do you think from your season could be seen as an all-star and would be asked to play again for an all-star season? 

Johnny Mac and James.

Will Johnny Mac and James succeed in a season with all-stars? Will Vanessa and Steve lose if they make it to the final two? Chat about it in the comments below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother
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