'Big Brother 17' Premiere: Flying Tomatoes Hit the Houseguests

The CBS reality series brings in the red carpet for premiere night for the first Head of Household competition.
Sonja Flemming/CBS
'Big Brother' season 17

Big Brother is back. 

On part one of Big Brother's two-part premiere Julie Chen struts through the new house and reminds viewers about the game that's about to be played. A game that will see the houseguests fight it out for 98 days in the Big Brother house.

It's a record for the number of days they will have to stay in order to claim the half million dollar prize.

It seems this season is taking on Big Brother firsts, and unfortunately a repeat of last season. 

The first eight houseguests of 14 are introduced to fans. They are James Huling, Meg Maley, Shelli Poole, Clay Honeycutt, Austin Matelson, Audrey Middleton, Da'Vonne Rogers and Jace Agolli

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Here are the major moments from the first night in the Big Brother house:

Audrey Middleton starts the first alliance. She's the first transgender houseguest to ever play Big Brother. "This is the first time I'm going to publicly share my truth with total strangers," she says in the diary room before revealing her story with the houseguests. After she is welcomed by the seemingly accepting houseguests with open arms, she also opens up a few eyes, too. "This is my first time ever meeting a transgender person," says the self-proclaimed hillbilly James. "Never would have guessed it," says a stunned Clay. After she reveals her story, she also brings another first to this season. "Female power, watch out boys," she says when she recruits Shelli and Da'Vonne for an all-girl alliance. "The three of us could really work well together," says Shelli. Sorry Meg, looked like you missed out on what could be a lasting alliance this summer.  

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Team Heart Murmurs. It took less than ten minutes for fans to be introduced to what could be the first showmance of the summer. "Shelli takes the cake," says Clay about the good-looking woman in the house. The two connect about their commonality of both having a heart murmur. This really happened. From ogling each other and back-and-forth giggling to Shelli even saying her celebrity crush is Ryan Reynolds because he looks like Clay, it's safe to say this is the first showmance. But there will be more. James sings some Taylor Swift about Meg, "I knew you were trouble when you walked in." 

Carrie enters the Big Brother house. Hollywood invades the game, and with big blockbuster movies come harsh tomato-pitching critics. The first Head of Household competition sees seven houseguests catch flying tomatoes in order to taste the first bit of power of the summer. The tomatoes — or as Audrey calls them, "legit soft balls," — that they don't catch hit them, covering them in red paint, making them look like Chloe Moretz in Carrie

One gust of wind. It must have been a windy day in Studio City because in one swoop of the HoH competition, Austin, Meg and Clay wipe out within 30 seconds. It was a rough start to the first HoH competition especially for professional wrestler Austin and Texas A&M football star Clay. Did they throw it or are they not as much of a physical threat as we think? Believe it or not, the competition ends the same way it started, as another wipeout sees Jace, Shelli, James and Audrey falling splat. After an instant replay to see who fell first, James is crowned the first HoH of the summer. "Looks like I'm going to kiss his little camo ass," says Audrey. 

Julie says "twist" 17 times. Is that a record? Chenbot introduces fans to three twists for the summer. One is a new twist, and it's BB Takeover. A special guest will introduce a new twist into the game every single week. All houseguests will gather in the living room after an announcer screams, "Get ready for a takeover!" The second twist is one that only America will know about. It's the "Twin Twist," as both Shelli and Liz Nolan (who moves in tomorrow night) both have twins. The last she claims to be a "fan-favorite" twist, and that's the Battle of the Block. Can anyone pull off another Derrick Levasseur win, without being nominated ever, especially with this twist back in the game? Doubtful. 

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Part two of the premiere airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on CBS.