'Big Brother 17' Premiere Part 2: Aliens 'Race' Into the Game

Big Brother Premiere Recap 2 - H 2015
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Big Brother Premiere Recap 2 - H 2015

"Someone is stopping by to twist up the game," host Julie Chen says to start off part two of the Big Brother premiere. That "someone" is a familiar face to the CBS family (we'll reveal that later). 

Night two of the premiere introduces viewers to six more houseguests. They are: Steve Moses, Liz Nolan, Vanessa Rousso, Becky Burgess, Jason Roy and John McGuire. They all enter the house full of laughs and smiles and some awkward hugs too (Meg Maley and superfan Steve). But surely the backstabbing and manipulation is not far behind. 

Here are the most twisted moments of part two of Big Brother's premiere:

The Amazing Race's new destination. Former Big Brother alums Jeff Schroeder, Jordan Lloyd, Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas have all raced on The Amazing Race and lost. Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan says, "Over the years we've taken some Big Brother contestants and put them on ... it's only fair that you should enjoy some Amazing Racers to play the game." Meet Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon, who met on the show as a blind date duo. They're not "passionate," Jeff says, but they're good friends. "I'm hoping it can make them an easy early target," says Steve. Is it just another CBS cross promotion ploy or will these players go far?

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Alien invasion. Jeff and Jackie weren't the only ones to invade the game.  "I don't know how many of you have been sneezed on by a thousand aliens, it's not fun," says Becky of the UF-OH NO Head of Household competition.  Jeff made a big mistake by dropping, he's likely to be an easy pick for a nomination. Jackie and Jason are the last two holding on and after Jason tells her she's safe, "You had me at them shoes," Jackie drops out of the competition. Last night it was Carrie and it looks like tonight's E.T. Which houseguest will be the first to "E.T. phone home"?

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The diary room diva.  "John doesn't give off a dentist vibe," says a curious Da'Vonne Rogers. "I just want to pick him up and put him in my pocket," she says about Jason. "They done did Gulliver's Travels," she says about Jeff and Jackie. It seems fans are introduced to the diary room queen of the summer. In seasons past there is always one player to bring the laughs to the diary room, and this year it's Da'Vonne.  The poker dealer and new mother of a seven-month-old daughter clearly has the best sound bites of all the houseguests. Her ability to cop the laughs will make her a fan favorite, but how will her cards unfold as a player in the game? She might have hope if she sticks to the alliance she formed on night one with Audrey Middleton and Shelli Poole.  Or she could have a better show by joining professional poker player Vanessa. "Being a gambler, I'm all about edges," Vanessa says. They already have similar strategies by both sitting out of the Head of Household competition. And to close the episode, Phil Keoghan tells them that with risk there may be reward. . . 

What did you think of The Amazing Race invading the game? Who is your pick for first nominees? Sound off in the comments below. Stay tuned to The Live Feed for more Big Brother coverage. 

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