'Big Brother 17': Rob Gronkowski Brings the Party to the Game

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski brings the party and summer's third "BB Takeover" to the game.
Sonja Flemming/CBS
'Big Brother 17'

"And it's only week two," says Julie Chen of all the drama on this season of Big Brother.

The summer staple's second live eviction of season 17 came down to the diary room diva (Da'Vonne) and her floater friend (Meg). "Day is full of kindness," cried Meg about sitting next to her ally on the block.

But Day had her eye on the grand prize and winning for her seven-month-old daughter. "My game is me and my daughter, period," she said as she tried to rally votes all week. 

In tonight's episode, New England Patriots star and reigning Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski hits the house, delusional king of the castle Clay gets bitter about the number seven, and Da'Vonne gives the eviction speech that everyone else is always afraid to make. 

Here are the major moments from Mama Day's big night:

Ring ring, two failed twists on the phone. "There is a pair of twins in the house," Da'Vonne catches on to this season's "Twin Twist." "I didn't expect anyone to be onto us this early in the game," says Julia. Although not a complete fail for the twist, as both Liz and Julia still remain in the game, it won't be as epic as season five's same twin takeover, when the houseguests had no idea they were playing with twins. Mistakenly Da'Vonne tells the rest of the house about the twins. "Was that a mistake?" Julie asks Da'Vonne. Da'Vonne agrees. Instead, she could have used the secret to get Liz's vote to stay. The second twist, "Power of the Last Laugh," brought a telephone booth to the game, or as James describes it, "I think they use it in the old days to communicate." Da'Vonne earned the power of getting the last laugh by voiding three other houseguests' vote. She was still evicted though, so it seemed like the twist didn't work, or did it?

Da'Vonne goes out with a bang. Mama Day gave an epic eviction speech, similar to Daniele Donato's speech in season 13. Her speech is one that some former winners strongly advise making. "In this house there are strong people and there are a pack of cowards," she told the other players. Not only was her speech brilliant, but she may have used the "Power of the Last Laugh" in the best way possible. She had a feeling that she was going home all week, no matter how convincing she tried to be. What she did instead was void three unsuspecting houseguests' votes in order to mess with people's heads. By voiding Jeff, Jackie and Becky's votes, they are now going to think that someone is coming after them. "I have no idea what's going on in this game," Austin admitted before voting her out. Da'Vonne made sure to make an exit by shaking up people's plans to make it to finale night. What a power move, queen of chess. 

Bullying is back.  Superfans have already watched Jace bully Steve as an intimidation tactic, and it looks like there are a few more bullies still playing the game. After the "Twin Twist" was revealed, the other houseguests used the twins' personal appearance and, mainly, body weight to tell them apart. "Her sister fat Beth comes in," said Jason. These houseguests need to be careful with what they say. With the show's 24/7 live feeds, superfans are watching their every move. They should take a lesson from season 15, where players who made racist and homophobic remarks and seen as bullies also lost their jobs.  

Gronk hits the house. It's a big moment because it's Rob Gronkowski, but his pre-recorded "BB Takeover" failed to twist up the game. His twist is more expect the expected, it's Gronk's party week. The party playboy announces no "have-nots" for the week. "We're going to party all week," he tells the houseguests. "Gronk loves a good party," said Chen bringing throwing "Gronk Pong" into the game. Austin became the first Head of Household of the night, and after a three-way tie, Vanessa was crowned the second. They are allies so it looks like they'll be safe no matter what, but which one can score and get a big target out of the game? 

Is Gronk a better tight end than he is a takeover guest? Do you think he'll twist up the game any more? Will you vote for Da'Vonne for America's Favorite Houseguest? 

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.