'Big Brother 17': Third Evictee Responds to Hate From Past Players and Calls Out This Season's Floaters

Big Brother, Eviction 3 - H 2015

Big Brother, Eviction 3 - H 2015

So far this season on Big Brother, the players have been making big moves and using the backdoor in two out of the past three evictions. Unfortunately for former Amazing Race contestant Jeff, that door booted him out of the game.

His inability to keep his mouth shut and tendency to cuddle with the wrong people cost him his game. Jeff and his blind date duo partner Jackie may have had a lot of fans on The Amazing Race. However, Big Brother superfans called for Jeff's eviction even before he was on the chopping block. 

After TMZ published a story on July 10 containing a video of what appeared to be Jeff masturbating on fellow contestant Liz, outrage by the show's superfans ensued. TMZ eventually backtracked on their story, but the hate didn't die down. A day after getting the boot, Jeff spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about hate from both superfans and Big Brother veterans, why CBS really wanted to bring him back and who is floating this season.

What happened?

That caught me off guard, I think I was playing one of the best games in the house. Not to sound too cocky about it, but I really do. So it’s just a complete blindside. I think I started to make a big target for myself because people started to notice that my game was on point and I was calling a lot of things. A lot of things I was calling out were true and it scared a lot of people.

Out of the past two evicted houseguestsJace and Da’Vonne, do you think either of them staying in the game would have helped yours?

Absolutely. Not Jace, but Day for sure would have been on my side and she would have helped basically campaign against certain people. Day had a decent connection with Vanessa and would have been able to steer her in the right direction and to continue with the game plan to get Audrey out. That’s basically my downfall, Vanessa didn’t have the guts to pull the trigger.

Why do you think you and Jackie were cast, as opposed to other Amazing Race duos?

The main reason was Jackie and I on The Amazing Race obviously displayed somewhat of a showmance. One of the things we stated after the show was we weren’t going to be able to maintain any type of relationship because of the geographical difference in where we live. I think they thought, "Let’s put them in a house, make them live together for a few months and see what develops out of it."

So you were cast on Big Brother to rebuild your relationship with Jackie?

Yeah, and I think that’s what America wanted. They really liked and enjoyed watching Jackie and I form a relationship. It was definitely in the best interest for CBS to do, but also America wanted to see something like that.

Best interest for CBS in terms of ratings?

Yeah, absolutely.

What is the difference between racing Amazing Race and playing Big Brother? Production, cast, fans?

The shows are nowhere near being any similar. The game play is completely different. Amazing Race is much more physical and Big Brother is a much more complex game and much more difficult to win. I do think I exhibit a lot of the qualities it takes to win Big Brother, but it’s hard for me to toot my horn on that because I’m obviously sitting here talking to you.

Before you left you told Jackie to win the game. What do you think her best shot is at winning?

To lay low for a little while, but she does need to really step it up. Her social game is awful, I don’t even think there is a social game at this point. She’s just kind of been floating around. Unfortunately in this season floaters do pretty well. As the game deepens, the floaters are going to get sent home so as long as she realizes she needs to play a little more aggressively, I think she’ll do really well.

Who are the floaters right now?

Jackie, Steve, Johnny Mac and Meg.

Austin has feelings for Liz and that caused some jealousy between the two of you. But he does have a girlfriend outside of the house. What do you think about that?

That is just another red flag about Austin to show how terrible his character is. I already knew the guy was a scumbag and a snake, but I didn’t think it was to the level where he has a poor girlfriend back at home having to watch him just dirt bag around the house.

What is your response to superfans of Big Brother who aren't a fan of yours? Will you respond to hate on social media?

There’s always going to be haters in this world. I guess I haven’t really looked into all the negative comments I’ve had from fans, but I’m sure that it’s a lot more out there than Amazing Race just because there are a lot more superfans. I have one of those personalities, I don’t have any in between people, I have people who either love me or hate me. If they attack me on social media, it’s going to be no skin off my back. It just goes to show their character. If they have that much time in their day to go on my social media and try to cause mayhem they need to find a significant other to spend time with or maybe get a job.

What is your response to Big Brother veterans who aren’t a fan of yours? Rachel mentioned on Twitter that casting you and Jackie was boring. Former winner Evel Dick has been vocal on Twitter about not being a fan of yours.

Obviously Evel Dick, him and I have no similarities as far as who we are as people, how we want to play the game. He would be more of a fan of somebody like Austin, so I couldn’t see him being a fan of mine to begin with. If I wanted to play a game of just manipulation and bullying, then he would be a huge fan. He might be a fan of Audrey, for that matter. As far as Rachel saying it was boring, you know so be it, but watching the same person do multiple seasons is kind of boring.

Do you agree with who Jeff mentioned as floaters? Who do you think will be nominated next week? Stay tuned to The Live Feed for more Big Brother coverage.

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