'Big Brother 17': Dance Moves and Another Player's Game Get Busted

Big Brother Eviction, Ep. 3 Split – H 2015

Big Brother Eviction, Ep. 3 Split – H 2015

"The party is about to come to an end," says Julie Chen at the jump of Big Brother 17's third live eviction. Rob Gronkowski's "BB Takeover," brought a foam party, a Vegas party and "Gronk Pong" to the game throughout the week. With a twist that seemed more of a treat than a takeover, what was the point of the New England Patriots tight end's stampede?

There may be a bigger back story besides Meg winning a trip on Gronk's family cruise. Making the houseguests party at random times during the week and waking them up at odd hours could have tired them physically and mentally. And in Big Brother, the game is supposed to wear you down. Only the strong will survive and in the latest episode, a few houseguests made major party fouls.

Here are the most memorable moments from this season's third live eviction: 

Sleeping with the enemy. "What is going on?" Austin asked Liz, who is supposed to be in each of his alliances, but is cuddling under the sheets with nominee Jeff. "Austin looks like the hulk times one hundred and Jeff looks like he's going to do number two in his pants," said Liz. "I might sacrifice my life in this game to fulfill the emptiness of my heart," said the professional wrestler about he and Liz's relationship. Austin might be a poet and audiences don't even know it. What they do know is Austin has a girlfriend, and told The Hollywood Reporter about potential showmances before he entered the house: "I have a girlfriend so ... and I'm also a Medieval Romance historian and that means I believe in true love I have a princess in a castle waiting for me, and I think showmances are the death of you in this game." He may have a point since Liz voted to keep Jeff in the game. Talk about a back stab. He seems delusional though telling Jeff in his goodbye message, "No one comes in between me and my twins." Those twins might be the ones to come in between him and Judas' game.  

Jeff loses another race. At the beginning of the episode, Chen asked audiences, "Jeff's mouth got him on the block, but the question is can he talk himself to safety?" Big Brother is more of a marathon than a sprint, and Jeff's run in the game wasn't as amazing as he expected and he was not a fan favorite of the show's super fans. The salesman said too much to the wrong people, which Vanessa said spot on "sealed" his fate. "I think she thinks it's a pit stop on The Amazing Race," Chen said to Jeff of his former Amazing Race blind date duo partner. Jeff told Jackie to win the game as he walked out the house. Does she even have a shot?

The curve ball votes. Steve? Liz? Geniuses? Did they plan that vote together? They obviously knew Jeff was out the door this week, but voting against James will only stir up more paranoia in the game. A few Big Brother winners pointed out that voting against the house is a strategy to further one's game. Of course, Chen pointed the votes out at the end of the episode to increase the paranoia in the house. With Liz as head of household she could do some damage and turn on one of her alliances. Or she could stick to the "Sixth Sense" with Shelli for another "Battle of the Block" bore fest.  

Audrey is Cher? "This chick has more comebacks than Cher," says Jason of Audrey who keeps missing the nomination block. Week one in the game, she created a target for herself by dipping her hands in too many cookie jars. With too many secret alliances, lies and back tracking, houseguests have echoed that they want the Georgia native out of the game. But for some reason she keeps skating by. Will she survive Shelli and Liz's head of household reign? Most likely.

What did you think about Shelli winning her second head of household of the summer? Is Austin's love for Liz going to end his game? Were you happy to see Jeff go? Sound off in the comments section and come back Friday for Jeff's exit interview. Stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother.

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