'Big Brother 17': James' Pranks Amplify His Social Game (Exclusive Video)

Nine houseguests are left in the Big Brother house. And fewer contestants means more boredom.

They have about a month left of their 97-day seclusion from the outside world and have to find ways to remain sane. The one player who cops the laughs and keeps the excitement up in the house is James. With prank after prank he continues to remain well liked by the other houseguests. Is he playing the best social game? Well, it's obviously better than the awkward Steve, who had trouble handling his "Head of Household" reign. 

After splitting up the power couple, Shelli and Clay, James has now positioned himself in a spot that could see him sitting in the final two. How will he win? If he keeps up his social game and doesn't cower to using the backdoor to evict someone like the rest of the house has done, the self proclaimed "Asian hillbilly" could wind up half a million dollars richer. Watch The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive video from Wednesday's Veto competition, where James scares Julia while still keeping the good times rolling. 

Big Brother airs on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.