'Big Brother 18' Boss Previews Show's First Ever "Battle Back" Episode (Exclusive)

Big Brother Battle Back_Split_Still_Exclusive - Publicity - H 2016
Courtesy of CBS

Big Brother Battle Back_Split_Still_Exclusive - Publicity - H 2016

Big Brother season 18 is hitting the small screen for a fourth time this week. Why is that? The redemption fueled twist called, "Battle Back" has its own episode airing Friday night.

What can super fans expect in the special episode? Well, The Hollywood Reporter tracked down executive producer, Allison Grodner, to find out. The brains behind Big Brother is swamped this week with producing four episodes, but before the episode airs THR got Grodner to tease tonight's twist. 

Can you give a fun preview of the Battle Back episode? Can you tease what some of the competitions will look like?

The battle back is a first for Big Brother. Having the evicted house guests go head to head in competitions for a second chance at the half million is definitely dramatic and a lot of fun. The competitions are just as big as the ones the house guests play weekly with new twists and turns we haven't seen before. Each of the battles will be nail biters... this is a special event and the first time we have four nights of big brother in one week.  

Will it be a mix of endurance and mental competitions? 

The battle back competitions are part physical and part mental. Everyone has a fair chance at winning. It all comes down to having the right strategy and how bad you want it.  

I’m guessing these competitions weren’t filmed in the backyard due to the secrecy of the twist. Where and how did you film them in order to keep the twist hidden from the house guests? 

All will be clear when you see the show [tonight] 🙂 

Out of the first five evicted house guests, what do they all have in common? Were you surprised by which players got voted out early?

The first five evicted with the exception of Glenn were probably some of the more naive players. They were either clueless about being targets or had aligned with the wrong people early in the game. Both Jozea and Victor made early targets of themselves by being too confident and telling everyone who they were gunning for.  

Which players are currently big targets for whoever may be winning the Battle Back and returning? Is there a mutual target? 

Each player has their own target and strategy if they win their way back into the house. It should be fun to see how they change up their game and how much old baggage plays into their new strategies. 

Up until the Battle Back competitions the evicted house guests were in sequester. How do you think they mentally handled the anticipation of getting to play again? 

Since the evicted house guests have been sequestered and cut off from the outside world, they have had nothing to do but mentally and physically prepare themselves for battle. Each one is definitely pumped and ready. 

Out of Paulie and Tiffany, which house guest is playing the most like their sibling? Why?

Other than being a bit paranoid and a bit emotional, Tiffany is actually playing differently from Vanessa. Because of her lineage, she was targeted from the beginning and has been forced into playing an aggressive game. Not sure Vanessa would have called out Frank in an eviction speech so early in the game but her new friendship with the enemy may just keep her in the house. 

Which house guest currently has the best shot at winning the game and who has the best shot at “America’s Favorite House Guest"? 

Too early to tell. We still have over half a summer left and anything can happen.

This summer is 99 days, will there be a possible returning juror twist, also? 

You never know...
Do you think there will be a returning juror twist too? Who will be target by the returning player? Are you rooting for Glenn to get back in the game? Sound off in the comments section below and remember to use THR and Brendon Villegas' hashtag, #GlennisRocky to root for this season's oldest house guest from the Bronx.  
The Battle Back episode airs Friday at 8 p.m. on CBS. In the meantime stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother