'Big Brother 18': Battle Back Winner Revealed

Battle Back Recap - H 2016
Johnny Vy/CBS

"Tonight we make history," Julie Chen says about Big Brother's first-ever "Battle Back" episode. And then the CBS summer staple did. 

In the show's fourth outing this week there were more twists, new competitions and another secret revealed only to America by Chen. What's the big secret? Keep reading as The Hollywood Reporter breaks down the "Battle Back" rounds and the most twisted moments from Friday night's episode. 

Round One. Glenn jogs out to the first "Battle Back" competition looking like Rocky Balboa. Yes, #GlennisRocky. "I got a hard head and I don't like to lose," says Glenn.

"He's a slow turtle. When you're battling someone like me you need to pick up the pace," says the self-proclaimed messiah, Jozea, about his competitor. "I can't afford it," Glenn says about taking the long way instead of the short way in the reused log competition. This competition is almost identical to the berry head of household comp that Paulie won earlier this season.

But there's a twist. In this competition there's a poison berry a player can use to wipe out the other player's first row of berries. It has to be used before their competitor locks in 10 berries. "No, no, no, not today, Glenn," Jozea says about this season's oldest houseguest trying to use the poison berry. "Time to put this old dog out of his misery." And sadly for Glenn, Jozea does. Jozea wins round one and viewers see Glenn on the show one last time. 

Round Two. "I'm freaking ready!" Victor says. "I guess I have to battle my best friend Jozea to get back in the house," he adds. "It's sparkly just like myself," Jozea says about not wanting to give up his "Battle Back" champion belt. "Jozea tossing his balls in my face ... not a good picture," Victor jokes about the competition that requires them to bounce tennis balls in order to knock out their competitor. "I need a ball boy," Jozea says, wishing he had help picking up his balls on the other side of the net.

"Your boy won," a flexing Victor says in the diary room, meaning that's the last of this season's most delusional houseguest, Jozea. Will the show ever bring him back for another season? Doubtful. Very doubtful. 

Round Three. "Girl power, girl power! I got this," an over-excited Bronte says before announcing her dream of reuniting the Spy Girls. "As much as I love you I don't want to give you this belt. It looks really good on me!" Victor says in the diary room. Bronte then tells him that no one in the house likes him, "buddy." "It's time for me to turn in my exam and see if I got an A," Bronte says about buzzing in. Unfortunately for her first try it was an F because Victor aced it. "I guess honesty doesn't get you very far in the Big Brother house," Bronte says before America says goodbye to her. Her best moment tonight was tipping off Victor not to trust anyone. 

Round Four. "Please let it not be Victor," Tiffany says anticipating her competitor. "It's time to do battle for the last time," Julie tells them. Welcome to a Big Brother rave. "The electric BB festival is off the hizzy," the voiceover says about the musical lineup including last season's Wackstreet Boys and Jeff and the clown shoes. There's also a zingbot zing-along making this competition one of the most entertaining this season. "Nothing is going to stop me," Tiffany says about the puzzle competition. And the winner is? Victor. After beasting through three competitions, he has earned his way back in the game. "I'm sorry Tiffany, your summer is officially over," Julie tells a sad Tiffany, who plants a seed for Victor to trust Frank. Uh oh.

The Reaction. "At least you thought their games came to an end. You all know our motto, expect the unexpected," Julie Chen tells the houseguests, revealing that an evicted houseguest is coming back into the game. "This is going to be awkward," says James. "Damn it, I evicted two of them!" says Paulie before the big reveal. After the nail-biter, the "Puerto Rican sensation" struts back into the game. There are hugs and a loud applause for his return, but the backstabbing isn't far behind. Besides the reveal of Victor's return, Chen has another surprise for America: the secret room. If a houseguest uncovers the clues to the secret room in the house they will gain a special power. 

Who will win the special power? Were you excited for Victor's return to the game? Who will he target and who will be the next houseguest evicted? Battle back about it in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother