'Big Brother 18': A Blindside and Cow Manure Diss Sends Houseguest Packing

BB Live Eviction 3 Split -Publicity-H 2016
Courtesy of CBS

Big Brother season 18's first big blindside has arrived. And Frank must be butt hurt. See what we did there? After everyone expected Tiffany to be evicted tonight, Frank was in for an unpleasant surprise when Bronte was sent packing. But the real twist comes at the end of the episode when one houseguest makes a flub that leaves several others in serious danger. But first, The Hollywood Reporter breaks down the most twisted moments from this season's third live eviction: 

The alliance is dead. "The returning players start turning on each other," says Chenbot. The returning player alliance is officially over as James and Da'Vonne talk flipping the script to keep Tiffany in hopes Frank will be evicted soon enough. "This is going to be good!" a giddy Da'Vonne says after talking to Michelle and Nicole. "You guys are literally forgetting what Vanessa did last year?" a concerned Paulie asks his alliance members which sparks up a debate on who to keep. "Paulie is spitting all these reasons why she should go," says Nicole after Paulie's monologue. After back and forth chatter of who is getting the boot this week the vote was left up in the air. 

No poker faces. The attempts at acting tonight were comical. First, Frank trying to act like a mastermind like season's 10 and 14 Dan Gheesling. There's only one Dan, and he kicked you out the first time around. "Could his confidence come back to bite him?" Chen says about Frank. "The eight pack has served its purpose and now it's time to start shooting some ducks on my side of the pond," says Frank. "We'll cut him eventually," Frank says confidently about Corey while telling Michelle that Da'Vonne has to go. "Thank you Frank, you keep talking, I keep listening," Michelle says in the diary room about the cocky season 14 player. The next win for the worst acting goes to Nicole. The Michigan native lies to Da'Vonne and Michelle about saying she was on board to target Mamma Day. "If I was sitting here sweating bullets like Nicole, maybe she did say it!" Da'Vonne calls her out in the diary room. 

Cow manure. The first epic eviction speech comes from Tiffany. Wow. Not only does she say Frank has cow manure coming from his mouth that smells like his farts, she also takes aim at his "little cabbage patch" Bridgette. Again, wow. And she doesn't stop talking. After the first blindside of the summer leaves her safe she exclaims, "Time for war!" 

"Keep it classy." The aspiring mathematician Bronte says after being evicted and telling the house she's "not in the business of being mean." She then tells Julie, "I wouldn't have trusted Jozea and Victor," when Chen asks her about wanting to do anything differently. And then Chen fills her in on the "Battle Back" twist where she'll get a chance to get back in the game. "Good thing I wasn't snoody on my way out!" she says."I'm happy I held my tongue!" 

Paulie is in power. After Frank was blindsided Cody Calafiore's older brother made a mistake that could cost him his game. By winning his second Head of Household of the summer he not only comes off as a competition threat to other houseguests, but now they are furious that Frank is also safe because of the team twist. Hopefully Zakiyah can get in his ear about keeping Da'Vonne, otherwise she could be this week's biggest target.

Will Da'Vonne be in trouble this week? Will Natalie possibly be a casualty during Paulie's HoH reign? Who are you rooting for to get back in the game? Chat about it in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother