'Big Brother 18': Tears Flood the House as the Final Three Are Revealed

THR breaks down the most dramatic moments from this season's second-to-last eviction.
Courtesy of CBS

Four quickly becomes three on Big Brother's second eviction episode this week.

"With the finale just a week away, tears of happiness and sadness flood the Big Brother house," host Julie Chen tells the audience before Paul breaks down in tears after landing his seat in the final three.

"I've had it tough since day one. Hopefully by winning this spot in the top three I could make it up for the both of us," Paul says while wiping off his tears in the diary room." And those aren't the only tears on Wednesday night's episode.

Keep reading as THR breaks down the most twisted moments from this season's second-to-last eviction. 

Your boy hits a home run. The power of veto and the prankster aren't meant to be. "James sucks. He's out immediately," Paul says about season 17's "America's Favorite Houseguest" failing to step up to the plate and help him win the veto. "It looks like it's down to your man versus your boy," Paul says after Nicole gets her third out and is eliminated from the competition. "I have all the power this week," Paul says after winning the final veto of the summer. "This is better than the world series," James says about getting a ticket to the final three. 

Don't bring up Day's daughter. When tensions are high some houseguests quickly forget they are playing a game and should stay away from making personal attacks against other players. For Paulie and Da'Vonne though, they both are at fault for attacking each other beyond the game. It starts off with Da'Vonne attacking Paulie's height. "Paulie you got to be at least six feet to talk to me," she tells him after he accuses her and Bridgette of treating Zakiyah "like she's the worst person in the world." And Paulie didn't take Da'Vonne's comment lightly, calling her classless and then bringing up her daughter.

"What kind of example do you set for you baby girl?" Paulie says to Da'Vonne. After bringing up her daughter, all hell broke loose. "Don't bring up my daughter! You're a punk ass bitch! You a weak ass bitch!" Da'Vonne yells at Paulie before being pulled away by production. And who doesn't seem to have Momma Day's back? Her former closest ally Zakiyah. "She ain't got my back either. He made you look like an idiot on national TV," Day says about her. Yikes! It's anyone's guess on who will and won't talk once the show ends. Whom will everyone definitely be in touch with? Victor, who everyone seemed to want to win the game. Da'Vonne even cried when he walked in the jury house. "I'm about to cry," an emotional Day said upon seeing Victor. How does she feel about Nicole, though?   

Corey makes it to first base. It's the end of the road for the college baseball player, but he makes sure to leave the house with a kiss. Nicole's showmance gives her a kiss after his eviction speech and she returns the favor by calling him beautiful inside and out. "I didn't even know guys like you existed," she says. As for the future of the strongest showmance this summer according to how long they lasted in the house? They'll "possibly" continue the romance. Corey tells Chen, "Nicole and I are going to be best friends no matter what." It's great and all they'll remain close when the game is over, but the biggest question is: Will Nicole walk away half a million dollars richer this season? If the jury isn't bitter, anything could happen. 

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